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March Tummy Tuckers UNITE!!

  • 3boys 1princess
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  • 3 years ago

I know there were a few of us on another discussion that said we should start a march thread. If this isn't the place to do that sorry. Just thought we should share our concerns, joys and whatnot together as we share in this journey in MARCH!

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Hey Ladies,

Thanks so much for all your wonderful activity on this post. It's getting a little out of control with more than 2000 comments, so I'm going to close comments on this one. Feel free to start new, topical conversations on RealSelf's Tummy Tuck forum (ie, Let's Talk About Constipation! or My Compression Garment Is Bugging The Crap Out Of Me!, etc.)


Hello all..I'm back..had my Tummy tummy and lipo of hips and flanks on march 28 and I am still alive!! I have been in recovery and now at 10 days post I feel sooo much better, still have some soreness and swelling in the areas that I had lipo on and it still hurts to cough but all and all i feel great! the first couple of days were very painful but I am so glad I went through with it! will post pics when my tummy tuck review is added to the site.
I posted new pics
I had my post op the other day and I remember trying to back out like its not that bad. So my wonderful Dr showed me the befores. I believe they burned my eyes. It was that bad.

I can also see how people go back for more and more things. B/c now my thighs look HUGE. but they are having an appointment at the gym in a few weeks
Aurora7203, OMG, I totally agree with you, I see how ppl get addicted, because I feel like my breast are drooping now that my stomach is no longer there to help hold them up...I can't figure out why the PS didn't suggest a breast lift as well...I guess that's how they getcha...They KNOW you're gonna find something else wrong, and it's almost guaranteed you'll be a repeat customer...I swore to myself I would not be a regular customer, but now I'm at a lost as to what I should do
LOL my doctor recommended I get mine lifted with my BA and said she does the lipo of the flanks with TT's. But yeah that's how you get your customers back i guess.
Im hanging in there ladies I am greatful I'm a long way from the aweful pouch that I had before. This was the best gift ever!!!!!
I take Cinnamon and Bromelain supplements gor the gas and swelling I got this info from Linda Pages's Healthy Healing Book
OH MY GOSH LADIES!! I feel ya on the swelling, it super sucks however, I cried so hard this morning, then realized crying hurt my stomach and had to get control of myself.
I took off my binder and just marveled at my new figure in the mirror. I can't believe with all the swelling I have that my body actually looks likes this. I have a freaking figure that I NEVER thought I would have EVER again. I had no hips before and now I have hips and shape! I cried and cried. Such a good feeling... I will trying and post pics a bit later. They probably won't look that good to ya'll, but to me it was amazing!! HURRAY!!!
That's brilliant to read and I totally get where you're coming from! I never thought I would even be close to a flat belly and even tho mine isn't flat yet it is still a whole load better than it has been for years :D xxx
I'm smiling huge because I'm so happy for you! It really is life changing. People who have normal bellies don't comprehend how important it is for your confidence!
Columbus, that is the absolute truth. Even those who claim to know what I was going thru with my belly issues (husband, mom) they don't truly know the emotions, but glad they were/are so supportive.

I went back upstairs to take some pics and PHOOOSH, swelling is back in full force and the figure I saw a little over an hour ago is gone! ACK, what a roller coaster. Will post pics tomorrow hopefully after I get my first drain removed!
It's just the bodies natural reaction to swell, don't worry it will go down! I am 4 weeks p/o today and still have swelling but can see a daily difference, have noticed that after a 'busier' day i'm more swollen by the night. @Joyce in Ohio, I went out for half hour a week ago and was shattered so ur doing well for 2 weeks p/o but don't over-do it cos that's when the swelling kicks in! It's easy to feel a bit down cos the belly that's been removed has been replaced with a just as large swollen belly but it takes time. Stay positive girls, I went out yesterday in a dress I had never worn cos it showed every bit of my hanging belly off. I never would have worn it before but finally feel happy enough to wear it :D I only wish i'd taken before and after pics of me in this dress cos before it was truely hideous!!! Even with fluid and swellin still I think this had been worth it :D x
I also Want to try massage, I'm reading a lot about lymphatic massages but I checked at local spas and they don't do them. If you try it let me know how it works. I'm gonna try to post some pics tomorrow of my swollen watermelon belly.
Miami & Natasha
I'm sorry you too are having the same problem cuz it totally sucks, I know everyone says it's normal for swelling but this is ridiculous!! I can't believe I had a tummy tuck to get rid of flabby skin, which worked like a charm but now the skin is just so tight from swelling! Hope there is relief somewhere in our NEAR future cuz I really want to wear cute tops and jeans with a flat stomach and ditch the sweats!!
I'm feeling the same way swollen my PS says he took 15 lbs of fat and skin . Wow i still can't see it on the scale. I'm looking at myself I look great in the morning I start to swell in the evening. Its crazy I want to wear all the clothes that I coulnt fit because of my stomach. I'm drinking water, teas watching sodium even veggies blow me up like a ballon. I want to try message. Oh did I mention got my cycle yesterday so im really bloated YUkkkkkkk
that is exactly how I feel. I'm only 1 week po and it's already driving me crazy. I go back to work in 3 weeks, so i know that will help but i don't understand why this is happening. i dont believe i'm eating with too much salt, i can barely eat at all because i feel so big and the garment/binder are on so so tight, it's killing me. i started taking the diuretic today and i'm hoping that will help...even seeing a small reduction of swelling will feel like light at the end of the tunnel. i'm so sorry you're also going through this. but it does help to have someone out there that shares your pain. i will pray for you Joyce in Ohio. :)
im there with you also. i look like im 5 months pregnant and it sux. I did this to get rid of the belly not to keep it..sigh i know its swelling but it still sux. the doc put me om a high protein lowsodium diet. hope all of you girls are doing better
I'm keeping the sodium down or at least I think I am and I'm drinking water but it just keeps getting worse. I know it's not a seroma but I just want it to go down a little. I changed clothes like 3 times befor leaving my house cuz everything looks hidious
I am feeling your pain, I am 2 weeks PO and so huge today that I look 5 months pregnant!! Not even exagerating!! I feel like this is not gonna stop and I have been hanging out on the couch all day. All I did was go grab dinner And stop at target for like 30 minutes. And now back on the couch. I plan on going back to work next Wednesday which will be the 3 week mark and now I'm worried 6 hours at a desk is gonna kill me. And I'm worried that the more I swell I'm gonna aquire more strech marks :'-(
that sucks. I read some people swell for months afterwards. R u eating high sodium foods? I do know that when muscles repair and the body recovers, water is retained. Perhaps drinking a ton more water could work too? Good luck to you all, i hope you start releasing that water!
hi everyone, I was due to go on Friday but went to my PS today because I freaked out with the swelling! (belly and mid back especially). He said it was actually not so bad. He says I have about 5 lbs of water retention so he gave me diuretic 1 a day. and he told me to shove that darn towel inside my garment. I HATE THE DARN THING!!! It is soooooo uncomfortable. Lord, I can't wait until this much swelling is down. Does anyone know if the diuretics really help? Please! In need of encouragement!!!! I'm 7 days PO and can see an hourglass figure somewhere in there LOL
I got my drains out this morning. My doctor almost decided to wait one more day but changed his mind at the last second. I promised to to take it real easy today so I don't get a seroma! I feel okay as long as I am within my 6 hour Tylenol window. I start feeling crappy when I am standing for too long.
I was told to walk hunched over for one more week.
My shape is starting to look better but as soon as I stand for 20 mins, my belly swells and looks terrible.
Day 6 and I am pleased so far.
Wishing everyone well... No swell!
Girls who haven't gone yet..... It's not bad! The anticipation is the worst part.
First post op today. All is going well. Not much swelling. Tried to go the whole day without any meds and for the love of every God out there I am in so much pain right now. I had to watch 3 of the kids while one of them was performing at the baseball game with her dad. I can not wait to be 100% better.

How are the other March 30th girls doing?

Oh y goodness you need the meds:)   Medicate and get some sleep.  You need to be comfortable so that you can heal. 

Go slow and easy for a couple of weeks.
I def. will. I have the bad habit of pushing myself as much as I can. I am going to make myself do nothing extrenious tomorrow. Eventhough its another busy day. I did go by a tank top. woohoo someone was looking CUTE. can't wait to get the compression garment off. Happy Healing to all of you out there. And good luck to all of our April TT sisters. :)