March Breast Reductions Check In Here

  • 2 years ago

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I am so depressed i had my reduction 23 days ago and now under left breast is massive separation my PS says its fine not to worry mother nature will heal when shes ready and that scares the crap out of me. I dont know what to do i have never had problems like this before with sugery i am keeping it clean with proxicide and covering it with gauze having hard time with bras because it hurts when rubbed in the area. ?'s r will it heal and how long does it take , what bra should i wear and should i be concerned with what to look like tissue bulging from wound
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Hi ladies I have a question I was looking over my billing and noticed it said I had staples but.. Not any that i had seen lol is it possible to have internal staples? I'm wondering because my scaring at the end of my under breast incision near armpit is really read almost purple and when I try to sleep on my side it does have significant pain my surgery was march 27th although I am 100% pleased with my outcome I just didn't expect to still have pain nor did I think I had any staples.. Any Ideas or suggestions please let me know. thanks Ladies.
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Hello, I am really loving the new me. Had my surgery on March 21, 2012 and yes I had my ups and downs with not healing on one side but it is all healed now and looking great. My clothes still fit so weird to me. Trying to still lose some more of my stomach, never knew my stomach was that big before cause i couldn't see it. HAHA Need to go shopping and buy some new shirts.Still currently wearing sports bras, so much more comfortable. My posture has changed so much, i stand up and strut my stuff now. My family says all i talk about now is boobs. Well being big since i was 13 and finally i feel normal. Sorry but i am so proud now. To all of you that are still healing it will get better.
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Aw, I got on here hoping for some encouragement, but not too many new posts!! Went to the doc last week, he said I was healing, had baby skin growing, lol!! Woke up this morning though and a new hole has appeared, from out of nowhere, kinda bummed!!
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Oh no!!  Keep that spot clean and dry but also have your doctor check this out.

Yeah I will, was really strange, felt like it might have been bruised, like I hit it on something, but no bruising, then last night it just opened up, just a hole, dk what's up with that!!
Am a month post-op today. Wish I had seen this forum prior to surgery. It is good to know, however, that I am healing quite well. With the exception of developing a hematoma on my right side. Has anyone had this happen? It has gone down but still hurts in that spot when I do "too much".

I was off work for 2 weeks and then 1/2 days for 2 additional weeks. Today is my first full day back.

I was a 38G and today am a 38D.

Have started doing long walks and feel good. Was wicked tired until last Wednesday. Eating low fat high protein and taking iron has helped.

Just like a previous poster, I tried on bras last week. I was bummed but know that I am a ton smaller and will get smaller over the next several months.

What kind of bras are you one month out girls finding most comfortable? (and not too expensive) The compression bras they gave me after surgery are too big but I still sleep in them.

Finally - I was covered by insurance but was a bit shocked to see that while the surgical bill to insurance was over $6,000 the fee paid by insurance and accepted by the surgeon's office/facility was only $2,300. That made me sad. I'd give them a big "tip" if only I could afford to. They earned the $6,000.

Good healing and good thoughts to everyone.
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Okay I have never done this before, post on a msg board I mean!! Had my first surgery Mar 15. Had a lot of separation, at the t and also around my nipple. Had breast reduction revision surgery Apr. 19 and now I'm starting to see seperation again, guess I'm feeling depressed and wondering if this was all worth it?? Granted the wounds aren't nearly as big as they were the first time but maybe they'll get that big?? Did I make a mistake?? Does this happen to at least a few ppl?? Help!!
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Hi Peggy! It happened to me too. My separation around the nipple has still not closed from my March 8 surgery. The surgeon is trying to hold off and let it close on its own, without revision. But I completely understand how you feel. It's very depressing to take care of an open wound for a long time. Mentally I hit rock bottom about a week ago - and this is the only place I'll say it - I even felt the return of old self-harming thoughts. So I decided to try something new - I went to a practitioner of Reiki last Monday and had a 1 hour session. I'm a bit of a skeptic, but I felt the cleansing energy sweeping through my body. The therapeutic relaxation has carried over into my daily life, and I feel myself getting a little stronger every day. Last Friday at the doctor's we saw the first sign of the granules that form to make a scab. So I have learned that sometimes the power to heal is within me, and I'm directing my energy inward to help the process that my body can't seem to complete.
Hang in there - it really was worth it - it WILL heal. And perhaps you can learn a thing or to about how your body and mind connection affects healing. I'm a believer now that healing can be learned - it's not all just blood chemistry. Sometimes focusing with your mind (or praying if that's what would help you) can really make a difference. Kate
Thanks for the advice, I suffer with depression and haven't hit rock bottom again, if I don't start with the bad depression, you stay away from the self harm!! I'm glad you're starting to see healing and I'm glad you found a place to get some energy and strengthening hope back into your system!! I saw my doc today and he just said my skin was tearing, not the stiches, and we've just got to let it heal on it's own. He sounded kinda angry though like it's something I did or didn't do, but I've been doing everything he tells me to ... or rather not doing anything!! Well to anyone who's having these problems, hang in there, I'm sorry to be such a downer and I'll try to keep my chin up!! They do look so nice and perky and not to my belly button ... if they weren't open and oozy, that would be oh so much better!!
Mrs. Thomas...I'm still I'm having yellow pus coming out of the keyhole incision...I thought it was just a little hole but it seems to be bigger than I thought, they can't see me till Thursday because they have surgeries Tuesday and Wenesday...I'm on antibiotics due to the kidney infection, I'm freaking out right now....btw, it will be 4 weeks tomorrow....
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I'm sorry you're having such a bad experience hopefully when you see your PS they can give you something to help with the leakage and help it heal up. I do tend to get a small bit of yellow puss right at the anchor or T as some call it I have a dime size scab there I'm hoping it heals soon. I have two more weeks b4 I go back to work I want to be fully healed b4 then but doesn't look like it's gonna happen that way. I hope things get better for you soon and you can enjoy your new breast just remember why you did the surgery and that it will take time to heal and get your true shape. Take care hun.
Yea I have miracle oil frome pure romance and it helps with the itching but the peeling it there as soon ans the oil starts to dry. I guess I need to bio oil.
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Ladies pick up either the Bio Oil or Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil.  You will be glad you did!!


I tried the Rite Aid version of it and it made my skin really red and itchy so I bought palmers cocoa butter stretch mark massage lotion.
Hi ladies tomorrow will be one moth for me and I have pilling going on like after a sun burn has anyone had this happen to them?
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I sure did for a few days. I tried Vit E oil but it made me dreaming itchy! I switched to BioOil and it worked! I use it all over now. The fine lines on my face are disappearing too!
Meant 'screaming itchy!'
I am at day 24...first week back at work...I feel awful...on top of everything, I have a UTI (a very bad one...nubers off the chartnd out if its a kidney infectio, I got really dehydrated last week...I think that jump started it...I hate my new boobs...and I can't believe this stomach that seems like it showed up from nowhere!! How did this happen??? Thanks for letting me vent!!
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Hi Janined, I am so sorry you are having to deal with the UTI. Try to stay positive. Three weeks is a short time for healing. I am sure they will start to look and feel better with each passing week. Hang in there! : )
Hey Janined how are yo doing I hope you are feeling better about your new look was their anything that went wrong or is it just more of a shock and the difference in your look? I know what your talking about with the stomach showing up but I think its more that we can finally see it I went and bought new shirts and dresses the other day and with the new clothes that fit properly my stomach actually looked slimmer. I hope your feeling better with your kidney infection as well I know thats got to make it allot tougher.
Don't worry Miss W. 5 weeks is too early to see your final shape. Remember 6 months to a year! You had two surgeries and your breasts will heal at their own pace. I've read a lot of women say the same thing about their breasts looking different. I'm 5 weeks also and one is more cone shaped than the other. I looked at your post op pics and they look like they were even. It sounds like one has started to drop and fluff before the other one. Hang in there.
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Perfectly said :) Mine are dropping and fluffing ad different rates too! I have one that has pretty much been there since the second week, and the other one is sloooooowly but surely getting there.
I am getting discouraged. I am week 5 post op and they are looking horrible! The right one looks like a deflated balloon. The left is fine. I am so depressed. I'm lopsided!
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Hi ladies, Just wandering I am 3 weeks out and wanted to know if it was ok to do sit ups? they say light exercise but wth is that? I feel like I'm getting fat not being able to move around and do what I want.
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