Any March Breast Reductions?

  • 3 years ago

If you're having a breast reduction in March, introduce yourselves and let's support each other through it all.

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I had my breast reduction on May 22, 2014 and am worried about the healing process. One side is bruising and hurts and is changing colirs as it shiuld. the other side had precious radiation burns from cancer in 2010. It is swelling but has minimal bruising. its hard. Any ideas or help to get the swelling to come down? crying doesnt help.
take bromelain between meals and don't do too much. it is very early days
Thank you for the suggestion. I am trying to get the best healing possible and just want to do the right thing. Still a little concerned about the radiation side. Sometimes I just feel like crying. I made the right choice fir me because previous there were upwards of a ag or bigger. Wishing ai had someone to talk all these emotions out with. Why di they hit me at 3 and 4 am. cant sleep through the night.
I am weeks post op and I'm still swollen. The doctor said it was normal and that it wold take a couple of months. My areolas are not nice and round, the doctor said that when the swelling goes down it will be. Anyone have this happen? Is this ok?
Oh I'm 4 weeks post op.
Hi Everybody ! I had My BR on March 5th . 3 Weeks out - as of Wednesday, March 26th.
Late night Lurking! Hey Ladies. I am nearly 3 wks post op. I had my surgery on Feb 28th! I developed Hematoma in my left breast and had to go back under ASAP. I am healing fine, this surgery was worth all the irritating healing issues ive experienced. Glad them old thangs are GONE!
i had to to go back to hospital again, they had to emergency i&d had 10 cms pouch of pus soooo sooo painful hhn came in tdy to do packging and drsg...
I am scheduled for march 29, I am having a BR and TT
I had my BR 5 Maech. Developed a bit of necrosis on my left nipple, the black skin is peeling a doc says I will be ok it will just take awhile. Still swelling a lot. Very tired and trying t be patient. Had a total of 9 lbs removed, so recovery will take a long time
i had mine done on march 8 right now soooo painful and sore on sides its hard as it normal?.....anyone

You ladies all sound like you are doing very well!   Congratulations to all.  Enjoy your new Ta Ta's:)
I just came back from buying new garments... I spent almost $200 on two new bras and a new compression garment! I can't quite believe it, but I don't want to be cheap with myself now... the healing process has just begun!

I was absolutely in tears today at the thought of having to go shopping for bras when I'm still bruised, sore, stitched up, and in steri-tape. My husband did NOT understand at all. I know he thought it would be easy to just go out and buy a couple of new bras... but it has NEVER been easy to buy bras that fit (not when I was a 34 G) and certainly not now when I don't know what size I am!

He Googled "best bras to buy post breast reduction surgery" and found a speciality shop that had incredible reviews. I told him it would be really pricey but he is such a sweetie (clueless when it comes to how I'm feeling about this, but a sweetie nonetheless), that he said it didn't matter. He took me in and had me measured at the specialty shop (they see women who've had mastectomies, biopsies, reconstructive surgeries, augmentations and breast reductions besides hard to fit sizes) and the sales assistant was wonderful. She was completely unfazed by my bruises and stitches. She very gently measured me and brought me only 4 bras to try on because she knew any more than that would be too painful.

I tried on two of them and bought them both... one to wear every day and one to sleep in while I wash the other one. They were $60 each.... yikes!

Then she brought me a compression garment for my legs where I had lipo on my saddlebags and inner thighs. I bruised SO BADLY that I'm still bruising and it's creeped all the way down to below my knees! I just bruise easily... I can't even say that it hurts... It's just the way I am. But I'm worried that I won't heal well if I'm not wearing a tight compression garment that goes below the bruising. The garment they gave me from the PS office went to right above my knees... which you would normally think would cover any bruising from lipo on the inner thighs!

Anyway... I feel much better and wearing a tighter bra is helping the soreness on my "rock" that is in my left breast. I don't know how long that is going to stick around, and I wanted a bra that would really "hold it in."

Here's to hoping that this helps the healing process!
YAY!!!!!!!!! Isnt it soo lovely. I was so scared of the drains as well.

So glade to hear you are healing well. I am 13 days out of surgery and already feel 100%. YAY!!!!!!
That's fabulous that you're feeling 100% only 13 days out! I still have one sore spot on my left side. It is hard as a ROCK and sore all the time... not really bad, but just a constant ache. My post-op doc said my bra is too big and I need a smaller one to hold me in tighter... that will help. Of course I bought two in the size they put me in!

And you know how comfortable it is to try on bras! Even pre-op I would end up raw, scraped and sore from trying on bras. I really don't want to go shopping for a non-underwire (something I've NEVER worn) in sizes I'm not familiar with. I feel like a fish out of water here!
I am now 2 weeks post-op and feeling great. I go to the Dr. tomorrow for my 2 week check. My left breast is rock hard and I have been concerned about that....glad to hear I am not the only one with that issue. Loving the new look :)
I went in today for the 1 week check-in...

Good news is the drains are out! I was so glad to get rid of those things... I was constantly worried something would snag on them! I gave myself a double-dose of Vicodin (as per Kimmers advice) before going in for the removal. But I was pleasantly surprised. I found the removal to be virtually pain-free on the left-side and nothing more than a tiny pinch on the right side. What a relief! I was REALLY worried that my skin would start to heal to the drains since they were in for an entire week!

I'm healing more and more every day... and feeling better all the time. My post-op doc (not my operating doc) says to continue walking, stretching my arms overhead as much as I can and to do shoulder rolls. I can actually reach my arms overhead and can put on t-shirts (pain-free) over my head. I think my yoga practice beforehand is really helping my recovery.

I go back in three weeks for my steri-tape removal and pictures. I get to start applying Vitamin E oil after that. So excited!

I'm so glad I finally had this procedure done!!! I've wanted it for so long and now I finally have the shape that looks right and makes sense for the rest of my body.

I'm sooooo happy : )
I do feel like a completely new woman. I havent went back to work yet and I actually feel so different now I dont want to. LOL!!!
I had mine done on March 17th. I had 700 grams taken out each breast. I am not sure the cup size right now though. I am pretty bruised up but everything is healing. Only thing that hurts is the darn bruises.

I was suppose to go back to work Tomorrow the 27th but I am hurting a little to much.

Oh gracious..that is a large amount of breast tissue.  I bet you are sore and bruised.  Definitely push back on returning to work if you are not ready. 

If you are able to take another week that will make a big difference in how you feel.

You have got to feel like a completely new woman.

Hang in there ladies!  It all heals and gets better each week.  Here is to all of you perky breasted women:)

Nothing feels better than taking a load off the chest.
Oh, Madison! Back to work after 6 days! You're brave... I planned on recovering in the hotel for 3 nights, my mom's house for two nights, and THEN going back home to my 6 year old... and not going back to work till April 1st.

I figure I have plenty of time to work (the rest of my life with no drooping shoulders or bra indents!)... but only this much time to heal : )

Good luck on recovering quickly and taking it easy on yourself at work.
Hello all!
mine were done on Sat 19th, from HH/J to DD.

So far I'm pleased with results, and have had very little pain. But so much has happened in teh last few days that I'm finding it hard to sleep!

How are you others recovering ..?

How soon did/do you expect to be driving?
How are you doing with bending adn stretching, and who is helping you things done?

I thought Kimmers' Tips were very helpful indeed(bless you Kimmers!)
love to all
Hey Newcastle,

I hope you can get some sleep soon :)

I'm almost 2 weeks post op and I am still not driving yet. I have been cleared to drive, but I personally am not comfortable to drive. I think I'm recovering pretty well except for a little set back which was a blood clot finally making its way out.

As for my bending, I do not bend at all, just squatting if I drop something, since it hurts to try to bend. As for stretching it's not too bad. My boyfriend whom I live with helps me a lot with everything.

I hope you're healing well!
Mine is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22nd.

Right now I'm nervous, excited, guilty ($$$) and every other emotion in-between.

I'm anxious to hear how everyone else's experience is going. I'm going to take my own "Before" pictures so I can post them online after my recovery.

I'm hoping for a huge success story for all of us!