mammogram necessary & time limit on drains?

  • slbxo33
  • Buffalo, NY
  • 3 years ago

hi all, i've been reading as much as i can before my breast reduction and i'm noticing some inconsistencies between my surgeon's plan and the norm. he's not terribly friendly, so i'd like to hear more from you all before i question him. first, he didn't schedule me for a mammogram, and everyone i know who's gotten a reduction had to have a mammogram first. i'm only 24 so could that be why he skipped it? also, i'm so confused on the drain situation. from the posts on here, i see drains stay in for 1-3 days on average. of the 3 people i know who got this procedure done, none of them had drains at all. my surgeon wants to leave drains in me for 8 days. that seems insanely long in comparison. i know drains/no drains is kind of surgeon preference, but has anyone ever had them in THAT long?! like i mentioned before, my surgeon has a pretty horrid bedside manner, but i hear from other doctors that he does great work. i'm trying to decide if i can put up with his attitude in exchange for nice results, but now these inconsistencies are making me question his methods. he's been in practice for 30+ years. however, when i ask him a question (i.e. how long on the drains?) he snaps back: "does that really matter?" or "why do you need to know?" claiming that i should trust his judgment as a surgeon, and not get myself worried about the process. help!