I am a male mid 50s thinking of having a facelift. Any men out there who may want to share their experience?

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  • Saint-sauveur, QC
  • 10 months ago

What type of facelift did you get,? How was the recovery? How are the scars? How was the return to work?  

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Hi There,

Here's a couple links that may help you with your research:

Male Facelift Review

Also, if you go to our Facelift topic page, you can sort the reviews by the "gender" drop down to see more males who have gotten Facelifts.

Hopefully this helps!

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Drop down does not offer male option...
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Hi there,

I see the gender option as well. I wonder if you're not seeing it because you're on a phone? Anyway, here's the link to reviews from males who've had facelifts. I'm glad you found us and posted here. :)

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