Malar bags after lower eyelid surgery.

  • lmbotr
  • 2 years ago

Anyone have malar bags after lower eyelid surgery?  I am deeply concerned that these will not go away.  I had mild ones before the surgery.  I was not fully educated by my PS regarding the fact that these lower cheek bags WOULD NOT BE TREATED by surgery.  All he stated was that they were "difficult to treat".  I was under the impression that though they were difficult to treat, they would be treated, that was why I was paying all this money!!! Now he is saying that the swelling will resolve.  I have not seen any improvement in two weeks (it has been one month). A lot of the posts from MDs report that it may take up to 6 months.  I am not sure if this is truthful or not.  The PSis very nasty abnd dismissive to me now, and refuses to acknowledge any problems.  I look extremely bizarre because I have a smooth face now and two lumps on my cheeks.  I cannot be seen like this in public , and had to purchase a pair of fake glasses to hide them.  I have to say, the glasses do a good job of masking the problem, and if I had to live the rest  of my life wearing them, I guess I could.  I am trying hard to be thankful that I did not experience the same horror stories that others have reported, or that I did not die on the table, as I was left in the OR completely awake but high as a kite, for 45 minutes unattended much of the time, mid surgery. (another story to tell at another time).