Can I use makeup while using Meaningful Beauty?

  • mrcr867
  • Williamson, NY
  • 5 years ago

I am considering using Meaningful Beauty. I am 65 years old and still don't look my age. Do I need to wear any other makeup while using Meaningful Beauty, except for a little lipstick, a little mascara, and eye shadow?

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yes, you can use it while using meaningful makeup.
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I use the entire product line and love it.  Been using it for three years now.  I also wear all of my regular Glo Minerals Makeup.  You can wear as little or as much make up as you like.  
Be careful using this product. Myself and many others have experienced redness, burning and itching caused by this product. I am not sure it has been thoroughly tested. It made my skin dryer, red and flaky, in area where I had smooth skin before. I am returning the product and reporting my experience to the FDA. It was that serious.
No you can just keep on using your regular makeup.