Major Surgery - but a wonderful experience! Thanks to Dr. Tattelbaum

  • OnTheFlatSide78
  • 1 year ago

I did my research and like anyone considering this procedure, I knew there would be a lot of pain involved.  Now that I'm "on the flat side" I have to say that considering the benefits, it is totally worth it.  (And to be honest, the pain is manageable with medication and is not intolerable).    I hear a lot of ladies say that it's worse than childbirth or c-sections.  I have to say that for me it's not really something I would compare with other procedures.  As long as you do your research, listen to your doctor and stay on top of your meds it is really not that bad.  The only hard part for me is waking up in the morning - you are stiff, sore, and you have to wake someone up to help you out of bed.  I am not yet a fully functioning member of the "world of the living" yet, but I'm getting there slowly.  It's kind of nice to be forced to take things slowly for a change anyhow ;-)   Wow - and the scars - I thought I wouldn't be able to handle looking at them (especially my belly button), but it's really not that horrifying!  lol  It is a lot of incision to look at, but I can handle it.   And I can't say enough good things about Dr. Tattelbaum and his staff.  Wow.  His bedside manner is outstanding and his staff take very good care of you.  I think 90% of my positive recovery attitude can be attributed to how well I was treated.   The coolest thing - is how slim my profile is!  I have always worked very hard to improve my weight/shape but having 3 big baby girls took a permanent toll.  The doctor really did a remarkable job in reshaping my midsection, and my swelling isn't even all gone yet!  That is the best part.  I just want to be able to see the results of my hard work, and have clothes that fit right again.  :-)   Good luck to those of you still scheduled or just considering the procedure.  I wish I'd done it sooner!   :-)