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Lumpy ridges around lips from Juvederm

  • gingerblue
  • Rancho Cordova, CA
  • 1 year ago

Hello...I got Juvederm in and around my lip area 10 days ago.  Instead of having a nice and subtle enhancement--I have the lumps as seen in the picture.  I am going back to see the doctor who injected me later this week, and I am not sure what to expect.  I assume she may offer to dissolve it?  Or has anyone had this effect and had more injected to even things out?  I had the same doctor inject the same amount last year and LOVED the results.  So, I know she has the skills to do it right.  Could it have been injected too deep-or not deep enough?  To me it looks like the filler is sitting up too high, instead of right on the edge of my lip.  Thanks for any and all replies... 

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I saw you posted your question in the Q&A section, and I'm glad you did. I hope the opinions the doctors shared was helpful. If you are interested in reading some stories from people who have had fillers dissolved you could check out the Hyaluronidase community.

I would love for you to start a review as well so we can hear how you are doing and what you ultimately decide to do.

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Hi. I appreciate the doctors opinions and hope that someone comes along that maybe has experienced what I am experiencing, with the lumpy upper lips? I will hold off on my review until I see my doctor again tomorrow and see how she wants to proceed. Up until this point, I have been pretty happy with her. However I am really disappointed with my Juvederm results and am hoping she has some ideas as to how to improve it.

I'll be hoping all goes well for you today. Keep us posted on how you are!

Hi there. Well, I went back to my doctor. She insisted that my lips look great, with the exception of one area on my left lip that was the most obvious lump. She did inject me with Vitrase in this one area. It seems as if it may have helped a bit--but I still have the unnatural ridge above my lip. She said that the way I move my lips may be what makes it pop out like that...and she insists that she only injected along the vermillion border-not where the lumps are. I showed her the pictures that really show the lumps and she stated that because I took those pics with a flash, the lumps showed up in a way they do not in a normal environment. All I know is--I did not have these lumps when I got the Juvederm last year, from the same provider. I asked if the Juvederm could travel and she said that is not likely. So, all in all, not really sure how I feel about my results and with my doctors reaction. I like her, in that she is very conservative and never tries to push extra product, trying to stay as conservative as possible. She works in a booming practice, always busy when I am there. I am thinking though that lasers may be her forte--and I will definitely in the future seek out another doctor for my Juvederm. Of course now all the negatives come to light in my mind, and I never have liked how rushed she is. I always feel like she has one foot out the door when treating me, though she never comes across as unfriendly. Just detached a bit I guess? Still thinking about whether I want to review her or not. I will give it a little more time, as most of the doctors on this site said to do, and see if perhaps the Juvederm settles in a bit in the coming weeks. Or if it just stops bothering me, these lumps I see. Maybe if I stop taking pictures of it... ; )

Huh, I can't really understand how a flash would create that appearance, but even if it did, we live in such a picture focused society anymore that I can understand why you wouldn't like it showing up in your photos.

Just so you know, you can do a review without mentioning who your doctor is. Its up to you if you want to disclose that. You can still discuss your experience with the treatment, and we can offer you support while you go through it - but its about doing whatever you are comfortable with. If you prefer to stick to the forums, that is a-ok too, of course. :)