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Lumpy ridges around lips from Juvederm

  • gingerblue
  • Rancho Cordova, CA
  • 1 year ago

Hello...I got Juvederm in and around my lip area 10 days ago.  Instead of having a nice and subtle enhancement--I have the lumps as seen in the picture.  I am going back to see the doctor who injected me later this week, and I am not sure what to expect.  I assume she may offer to dissolve it?  Or has anyone had this effect and had more injected to even things out?  I had the same doctor inject the same amount last year and LOVED the results.  So, I know she has the skills to do it right.  Could it have been injected too deep-or not deep enough?  To me it looks like the filler is sitting up too high, instead of right on the edge of my lip.  Thanks for any and all replies...