Lumps under armpits on the outside of breasts

  • Tamaralc
  • 2 years ago

I have had them for a few years.  I've just assumed that it is the scar tissue that has formed since that was the route the implants were inserted.  They are tender though and get pretty sore after sleeping with my arms above my head.  I had my ba in 2003.  Does anyone else have these?  I've had two mammograms since the implants.  Unfortunately, I didn't mention the lumps. (Guess they are just now really starting to bother me.)  I don't think it was an issue during the first mammogram.  Both came back just fine.

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I was told it is just breast tissue not scat tissue. Had two mammograms since I posted the question. Both were normal. Caffeine may be a factor. I watch my intake. Starting to consider getting the implants out. This site is a huge help!
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I have the same thing! Had my BA in 2008 and noticed the lump under my right armpit about 1.5 years ago. It's just outside of my breast, right where my armpit begins. It is sore when I touch it. My gynecologist told me it was scar tissue and not to worry. I will be seeing my surgeon soon though, and I recommend you do the same. Good luck!
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The soreness and lumps are symmetrical. I saw my plastic surgeon thinking it was scar tissue. He said it is just sore breast tissue and to cut out caffeine. It definitely makes a difference. Too bad I enjoy coffee. I went to another doctor to get a second opinion. He thought the same thing but scheduled a mammogram and ultrasound. I had it scheduled but rescheduled it for January due to insurance reasons.
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Hi there,

If you have any lumps you're not sure about, you should contact your doctor so he or she can check them out. Mammograms don't catch everything. Please let us know how this goes!

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