Lump after fat tranfer

  • 4 years ago

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Hi, I just had fat injection done to my cheecks, tear trough, lips and the smile line last Friday (about 5 days ago). While the left side of my face is ok, my right side of face is all lumpy. There is a warm-shaped lump under my right eye, two big hard lumps on my right smile line and cheeck, and the right side of my upper and lower lips are uneven and lumpy. My plastic surgeon said it's normal after surgery and asked me to message them off. I did the past few days. So painful on the injection side but I have been doing it. I haven't seen much improvement. I am so depressed. What should I do now?
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hi, I havent done anything because nobody seems to know what to do for it... have u found any solutions?
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what have you down for your lump i also to had fat transfer to my lips to years ago and have about 4 lumps on my bottom lip which i was told it was the fat build into a ball like a cyst mine happen as soon i was woke up my my fat transfer..when did yours cyst appear and what have you done for it because i was told i could do nothing for mine?.. thanks
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I had fat grafing under the eyes and one one eye bag now have a fat cyst.It moves around when i push it and looks like i have a mini suitcase under my eye! Iv been to 2 surgeons.The one that performed my op and another reputable surgeon.The original surgeon recomended injecting a substance that dissolves the fat cyst.He advised that we try this in stages to see the results and hope that the fat will dissolve. However, the reputable surgeon that i saw recommended a lower eye letharoplasty which involves cutting along the lashes and extracting the cyst.He said at the same time he could build the hollowness,im not sure what with and remove the fat. I dont know what the best option is although obviously i want to try the injectable option first as this is non invasive and a lot cheaper. Could you advise me on if you have ever heard of a substance that can be injected to rectify a fat cyst like mine.
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Hello I think they are talking about a steroid (5FU) to dissolve the fat grafting. I had Pearl Fat Grafting 3 months ago done under both lower eyes because of hollowiness from a Blepharplasty done 2yrs ago. Now i'm 3 months and my eyes are puffy.The doctor said to give it time. I went to another doctor to get a 2nd opinion and he said to wait. And he said he can put a steroid shot to dissolve some of the added fat. I told them have have pearl fat grafting. And will that dissolve the pearls he didnt know. I said ill wait some more time. I dont want to make my eye worse. Go on the web and look at steroid shot to dissolve fat. some side effects too.
Hello Helen, I had fat grafting under my eyes 12 days ago in conjunction with a face lift and also have a lump under one eye, and one big bag under the other. My PS says this will resolve in time, but I would like to hear how your lump is now and if it's been fixed? He suggested this in addition to my FL but I really wish I hadn't done it. No mention of the extreme swelling and brusing that fat grafting causes, not to mention lumpiness, ugh! On the bright side, the FL looks great :)
Hi Michelle -- How does your fat grafting look now, 4 years out? Good, I hope. I'm 3 weeks post-fat grafting and freaking out about lumpiness. I guess I'm looking for consolation :-) My best to you!