Lower lip seems to have reverted to gum tissue. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • pkd
  • 1 year ago

I had a small chin implant placed 12 weeks ago via an intraoral incision.  After the bandage was removed, my left lower lip was completely paralyzed.  I can now lower my lip enough to reveal 2/3 of my bottom teeth.  The outer lip goes down, but the inside stays elevated.  With great effort I can move both the inside and outside together.  However, the outer lip is much thinner than before surgery, but the inside is much thicker.  I am constantly biting it when chewing and talking, and it is frequently abraded from being shoved under my upper teeth.  On the inside, it looks like a slug on my bottom lip.  I am embarrassed to go out in public.  I am also still in pain, with tingling and tightness.  Let me know if anyone has had this problem, and whether or not you recovered.

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Though it doesn't cover exactly what you are describing, I thought this Q&A might be of interest:

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