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Lower facelift with muscle tightening may be all you need if your neck is just a bit flax. Here's why:

  • lalu
  • 1 year ago

1. The cost is about half of what the two procedures would have cost.

2. By lifting and tightening your lower facial muscles the surgeon also tightens the upper neck muscles. So if your neck isn't super wrinkled you will still get the lifted look. I really felt like I got two for one. 

3. You don't have to go under general anesthesia (GA). For me it was crucial to not go under. I didn't have to deal wit the nausea, the groggy feeling and all the aftermath of GA. My doc gave me a Valium and a Percocet and I was totally relaxed during procedure. I heard it and was aware of everything she was doing but I much preferred that.  My surgeon spoke to me the entire time and truly it went by pretty quickly.  When she was done she put the bandage on me and I was able to just walk out and have a chipper conversation with my (driver) friend.  No throwing up, no lightheadedness, no recovery room time/tubes/etc...

4. Faster recovery time.  I know everyone is different and some may be a bit fearful of being awake during procedure but being put to sleep for an elective surgery is scarier for me. I don't regret it at all.  Lower facial surgery is serious alas it is and it's nice to be able to opt out of GA.   Im on day 4 of recovery and feel pretty good.  Still swollen (more on one side than the other).  I think my ps did a great job so far I am mostly impressed with my neck.  Which is the only thing I can appreciate thus far. It will be about 8-10 days before my jaw lines show again but so far I like what I see.