Lower Blepharoplasty

  • girlygirl74
  • san diego
  • 8 months ago

Hello to all out there.  I am in San Diego and had Lower Bleph on 2/20/14. So I am 3 weeks out as I write this...I still have some slight bruising and swelling but what is worrying me is I have some bulging bumps that are kinda hard. They do seem to be getting smaller every couple days or so...Just wondering if this is normal for 3 weeks post op..??  I also have on the outside corner of my eyes where the incision was is a little bump. It does hurt a little when I press on it and was also told this is common after this procedure but it doesn't seem to be going away at all.  I had this surgery to get rid of bags and bumps not to get new ones.  LOL  Anyone out there experience anything similar???