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We would love to hear how you found RealSelf

  • 3 years ago

Please share with us how you found RealSelf.

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During a google search about TT. The site came up and I loved it. Grateful for all the info, experiences shared & support.
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I found RealSelf by watching Tasha's $2,100 TT journey on YouTube. She was very informative in her videos and mentioned this site, so I decided to check it out and here I'am.
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I was searching for a site that could offer real feed back and that is used daily. There are several sites available but alot of posts are from months and years ago. I have spent hours on this site reading others experiances and can honestly say this is the best site for real info no sugar coating. And tons of great advice on do's and don'ts...
And also when you ask a question or have a concern, everyone is so on the ball to share their experiance knowing that everyone will have a different experiance. This really helps prepare.

Thanks so much for starting this site it is totally awesome.....
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