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love handles, muffin top, waist, flanks, hips....are they all he same?

  • illinois8551
  • illinois
  • 3 years ago

So my TT and lipo of the flanks is on 3/16/11. I am somewhat concerned that I missed the boat, and I have already paid. So my question is, and I thought I new the answer when I met with PS, where is the flanks? I really wanted the bump, so to speak, above/on my hip to be removed. But after reading these posts and looking at pics I am lost. I see hips, flanks, waist, muffin top, ect and don't know what is what anymore. Is that totally nuts or what? Where does you waist/flanks end and where does the hip begin? I am afraid that the tt will make me flat and then the hips will look odd with this fat bump. You know what I am talking about ladies?