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love handles, muffin top, waist, flanks, hips....are they all he same?

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  • 3 years ago

So my TT and lipo of the flanks is on 3/16/11. I am somewhat concerned that I missed the boat, and I have already paid. So my question is, and I thought I new the answer when I met with PS, where is the flanks? I really wanted the bump, so to speak, above/on my hip to be removed. But after reading these posts and looking at pics I am lost. I see hips, flanks, waist, muffin top, ect and don't know what is what anymore. Is that totally nuts or what? Where does you waist/flanks end and where does the hip begin? I am afraid that the tt will make me flat and then the hips will look odd with this fat bump. You know what I am talking about ladies?

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Well after my pre-op on Friday I believe I have a good idea of what he is going to lipo. I find it interesting that I am not the only one concerned with this are and where that area really is....haha. He will be lipo'g my flanks and that bump on the hips. Lets hope that there is a good outcome. Any off that area is an improvement. My guess is it is hard to lipo the flanks and not do that hips bump area because it would look odd. My doc is a perfectionist,I think, so I am hopeful. But again any improvement is great with me.
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From what I understood, the lipo on the belly and front and upper abs, is done as part of the TT. The flanks (back hips area) is done separately, and called flanks.

My doc said he would leave the lower butt area, as I could exercise that off easier, and no extra pain.

Then, he threw in the 'back fat' lipo - the area on the back from the bra line to the waist. He said that he could probably only get that about 50 - 60% improved, as to get it all would require cutting, not just lipo. All in all, it's a huge improvement.
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LOL! Actually meat diagram would be helpful! I think I have all 3 areas :-(((
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LOL...a diagram would be nice
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I always thought the flanks were the bits of fat in your lower back, above your butt, and the love handles were on the side. So, from a front view you can see love handles but not flanks. Hips are below love handles, where you can feel the bone (if you've got a little extra fat there's usually a line between love handles and hips, where most panties sit). Maybe this is wrong? I feel like we need one of those meat diagrams. LOL

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I already paid as well and I'm having "flanks" lipo with TT. This is my EXACT concern that you just described!!! I am worried the lumps in front of my hips are going to look even more huge and out of proportion now. Check out my pic and you can see what I'm talking about :-( I think it is too late now as my surgery is Mon morn and I was too stupid to get this squared away.
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mynewstart....I am so glad I am not the only one wondering. I have my pre-op tomorrow and I am going to ask him exactly where is he lipo'g. I was certain he was taking that area off that I had described above, because I too don't want to look out of proportion, but after reading some many posts and reviews I am not sure. I don't carry any real weight in my "flanks", it is all below the described "flank" area. My fears will either subside tomorrow or I will be really upset. My surgery is Wed the 16th, two days after you.
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Great question! Here's what is considered the flank region. You should also ask your doctor to define what he or she thinks is the flank region to make sure your'e on the same page. My understanding is that love handles, muffin top and flanks are all the same, but like I should, clarify with your surgeon.

Good luck on the 16th!

P.S. It'd be great if you wanted to head over to our Tummy Tuck Review community and start your story. We have a wonderful group of supportive women.

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Thanks for your response. I have my pre-op on Friday so I will make certain that what I want is getting done. To many ideas of what is what and where is where. I believe it comes down to the doctor about how big of an area he is lipo'g.I sent a submission today on the review section.

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