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Lotion with sunscreen for sensitive skin with eczema?

  • twinkie
  • texas
  • 5 years ago

Help! I have a child with mild to moderate ezcema. Everyday I apply steroid cream to the affected areas then sunscreen and then lotion. Are there any good non-greasy lotions with sunscreen in it that I could use for her sensitive skin?

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I use Alba sunscreen (the aloe kind, the green tea variety is very greasy). It's a very natural product and I like that it contains no chemical fragrance. My son and I both have horrendously sensitive skin and this seems to be the best I can find. I have also heard great things about vanicream.

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It's a superb article and very informative
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Vanicream makes a great sunscreen and their products are designed for sensitive skin.
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Hi Twinkie, I have very sensitive skin as well, and I use Olay Complete SPF 30 moisturizer for sensitive skin every day. It is non-greasy, but you do need to spend some time rubbing it in, as the physical sun block ingredient (zinc oxide) makes it opaque white when applied. I would also suggest that you give the hydrocortisone cream a few minutes to absorb before applying a moisturizing sunscreen to ensure effectiveness.
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