Has anyone lost their nipple sensation after opp

  • AsiyaKaur
  • 1 year ago

Has anyone lost their nipple sensation after 

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I know I am responding to an old post but I will answer anyway because it was something that was of major consideration for me and prevented me from having the surgery for years. My BA was over 9 months ago. I have numbness on my left breast and diminished sensation on my right breast. When I first considered having a BA, eight years before my actual surgery, this was the very reason I decided against it, and now I am dealing with numbness. Even though I have experienced the numbness, I am still happy I had it done. I regret the sexual pleasure that I was able to experience prior to my BA, but my new self confidence more than makes up for it, in the bedroom and out!

Here's what some doctors say about the possibility of losing nipple sensitivity. Hope this helps!