Has anyone lost their "muffin top" with just a TT and no lipo?

  • Jenjenem
  • Tennessee
  • 3 years ago

I am scheduled for a TT w/o muscle repair on March 18th. I am not doing lipo and was just wondering if just the TT would help with my muffin top.

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I had the full tummy tuck with muscle repair and no lipo on the abdominal area.  My muffin top is gone and belly flat.   Take a look at my pics and you will see how well it turned out.

My lipo was done only on the outer thighs, hips and butt. 
I have looked at your pics and they are amazing ! That makes me feel better with my decision. Thanks :)

Oh good, I am glad that helped.  Love your profile Pic :)   I love all Labbies!  Have one myself!