Has anyone lost friends after mommy makeover surgery?

  • ProudNebraskaFarmgirl5
  • Omaha, NE
  • 9 months ago

I had a friend who has had children and is quite thin, and she's very proud of that. I was never jealous of her, though she would always make comments to me such as "if I weighed 120 pounds, I'd be so disgusted with myself," knowing at the time that I weighed much more. She also would take pictures of herself and send them to me, saying "look how skinny I look!" Though it hurt my feelings a bit, I accepted it and thought- good for her for being proud of herself, I would agree with her that she looked very nice.When I lost weight and mentioned that I was having a mommy makeover, she became very nasty to me, saying that I was dumb to believe that my life would be better just because I had plastic surgery. She even said why would I do that when I'm the "only friend she had who could compete with her" in appearance. The day before my surgery, she tried to talk me out of getting it done, cursed at me, and then she told me that she was "done" with me and has not spoken to me since. I have been nothing but a good friend to her for years, always there to help her when she's down, and it's like she wanted me as a friend only to make her feel better about herself. I'm pretty sickened by it. Has anyone else here lost friends after having a cosmetic procedure done? It's so hurtful.