Has anyone lost friends after mommy makeover surgery?

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I had a friend who has had children and is quite thin, and she's very proud of that. I was never jealous of her, though she would always make comments to me such as "if I weighed 120 pounds, I'd be so disgusted with myself," knowing at the time that I weighed much more. She also would take pictures of herself and send them to me, saying "look how skinny I look!" Though it hurt my feelings a bit, I accepted it and thought- good for her for being proud of herself, I would agree with her that she looked very nice.When I lost weight and mentioned that I was having a mommy makeover, she became very nasty to me, saying that I was dumb to believe that my life would be better just because I had plastic surgery. She even said why would I do that when I'm the "only friend she had who could compete with her" in appearance. The day before my surgery, she tried to talk me out of getting it done, cursed at me, and then she told me that she was "done" with me and has not spoken to me since. I have been nothing but a good friend to her for years, always there to help her when she's down, and it's like she wanted me as a friend only to make her feel better about herself. I'm pretty sickened by it. Has anyone else here lost friends after having a cosmetic procedure done? It's so hurtful.

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I have had my Mommy-makeover surgery from Mclean's clinic in Toronto. But i haven't had such an experience. This is one situation in which we will realize the true color of our so called friends. I will say you need not worry upon this. Just think that you had a chance to see her true color. A friend is some one who will stand with us in our happy times. If she had asked you to quit because of the surgery risks, we couldn't have seen her wrong. But this is a case of sheer jealously. So don't be sad for such a person. You have your husband to support an you have other dear ones. So rely upon them and forget this.
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In this journey we will get so much more than what we expected. True colors will be seen in those that get to know what you're going thru. Specially in the DR where we've seen and \ or heard of fatalities post TT and MM. If someone doesn't agree with you're decision they can still respect it but be supportive. Either she'll come down to her senses as a real friend would or if not she never was!!! So either way put it past behind you move forward and achieve your goals. Is your time now enjoy all your upcoming pics... You'll ser God reward you one way or another because the truth is you have shown that inner beauty that is going to shine with the new body!!!!
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I'm sorry to hear about this situation. It seems you truly value her friendship but it doesn't look like she does the same. At first I wasn't telling anyone and then I ended up telling just about everyone, including my boss! I received so much support that I couldn't believe it. I am not sure if it was my non-chalant 'I don't care what you think' attitude or my honesty that made the difference. My friends didn't all agree with it, but they supported the decision and did not put me down. I hope you have others you can confide in and count on. It's more fun when you can share procedure ups and downs with those you care about most.
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Very few people know the extent of my MM. I went through this process needing to have surgery done for something else (see my profile) and I figured since I will be under the knife, I might as well get things fixed. This is after 1 1/2 yrs of Zumba, weight training, Cross Fit and changing the way I eat and NOTHING was getting the extra 'muffin' off. Even my personal trainer said that nothing short of surgery will take it away since all my stomach muscles have been shot due to 2 previous c-sections. That being said, a true friend will be supportive and given your friend's reaction, I am not sure whether she was really a friend to begin with. As long as you are happy with the new you, then that is all that matters.
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I haven't had my surgery yet either but I just had to comment. I'm not planning on telling ANYONE (but my husband) about my surgery for various reasons. It sounds like you were a great friend to this woman. She never deserved you and your life will be better without a person like her around you. Goo luck on your surgery!
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Good for you for not telling anyone. I should have kept things more secret as well to avoid some of the backlash. Thank you so much for your encouraging words :-)
I haven't had my surgery yet. But I did talk to my hairstylist about her own journey. She has weight loss surgery and a tummy tuck. She warned me that my 'friends' would hate me for having PS. Luckily....lol...I don't have many friends. And I couldn't care less what others think. Sounds like you figures out that your friend was using you to make herself feel better..... She isn't a friend at all. But fear not!!!! We are all going through the same tidal wave of emotions and fears. You will be fine!
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Thanks! Good luck on your surgery!