Loss of sensation after labiaplasty

  • xxx123
  • New York, NY
  • 6 months ago

Hello, did anyone experience a loss of sensation on labia minora and clitoris after the labiaplasty was done? Because this is what I'm experiencing right now. It's been 4 months after the surgery was performed. At first the labia was very painful for 2 months after the surgery, but as the tissue healed, the pain started to disappear as well as any sensations. The clitoris is completely numb now even though the doctor is saying he didn't touch that area at all. He performed a wedge method, and I know the incisions went up to the clitoris, ending right under it. I'm not sure why I'm experiencing the numbness and loss of sensation. The doctor does not offer me any answer or solution to my problem. The sex is impossible for me right now as I don't feel anything down there (except I still feel pain on some areas of the labia, maybe due to scarring) and no lubrication is produced from the lips, which makes sex very painful. If anyone can give me an advice or just some hope and encouragement, I'll really appreciate it!