Loss of Self-Esteem after Breast Surgery?

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  • 1 year ago

You can see by my profile what I've been thru' in the last year--explantation of old silicones, full anchor lift with new implants, then revision to larger implants 5 months later.  I'm not a breast cancer survivor.  Although I feel better since the October surgery with the new 800 cc implants, I still feel ugly and deformed.  I know I'll never look the same and I know I shouldn't expect to.  I'm 49 years old and feeling like my (sex) life is over, that I'm physically unattractive, and I'm having a hard time dealing with that.  When I look online to see how other women are dealing with it, I'm finding women with new implants who are all happy and excited, and I find survivors of breast cancer dealing with even bigger issues than mine (makes me feel shallow and insignificant.)  But this is how I feel and perspective helps a LITTLE bit, but the reality is, this is how I look and this is how I feel.  How do I get it together now?  How do you, if you've been thru' something similar, get it together?  Sex, intimacy, dating, etc.  I don't see that it can get better.

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Sorry to hear you have been through a lot of surgeries and disappointments. Glad you feel better now with the 800 cc imlants, however, it still sounds like you're struggling with some emotions outside of your implants. Have you considered talking with a professional about your valid emotions and conerns? I don't think anything you have said is shallow...you feel what you feel and that is your reality. Your openess and willingness to talk about your concerns will hopefully benefit you. Take care and keep us posted!

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