Losing weight? Clean eating? Organic? Vegan?

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I have been losing weight. 25 lbs gone! My mommy makeover is 2/22/12. My family has been organic for years but after just finishing a recent book and leaning towards becoming a vegan at least a vegetarian. Problem is I like very few vegetables. I don't want to eat processed food. Suggestion? Experiences? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

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Greensmoothiegirl.com is an excellent resource for smoothie recipes and has tons of whole food, vegetarian suggestions. We drink coconut milk and love it! Done almond and rice. Coconut is way yummiest and healthier in my opinion. I've been eating clean and gluten free for 9 months and I've lost 50 lbs. I plan on doing this forever, I feel so good and have resolved a lot of health issues and inflammation from my old bad habits. Good luck everyone!
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I would recommend that you make some green smoothies with the spinach since you don't even taste it, and I use the Vega smoothies and the vegan shakeology as well to supplement getting extra greens into my diet. My daughter drinks organic rice milk and organic oat milk. I use mostly hemp milk, unless I'm cooking or baking and then it's either rice or coconut milk. My husband prefers the flax milk and the almond milk. Rice milk concerned me due to the arsenic in a lot of rice, so we only do organic. We use the soy-free Earth Balance as well, we don't do any soy in our house at all. I love the Daiya cheese products for stuffed roasted anaheim peppers, or a good pizza or mac n cheese for my daughter. There is a So Delicious Coconut Milk Greek yogurt you could try (they also have ice cream and ice cream sandwiches that my daughter loves). There are the chez gourmet burgers and lots of recipes to make your own veggie burgers out there. You can make a batch and then freeze them to have instead of the soy stuff. There really are so many options, that it's very easy to go vegan these days.
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Airbus, I will definately read the book you suggested and check out the recipes as well. Thanks for the suggestions.
Also angiemcc, I love the idea of adding spinach to the smoothies. I will try that as well.
I am trying to find my way with this. Being around yogis so much, I find many are very extreme and rigid. I like the the idea of "leaning into it".
Do either of y'all have opinions on soy? I'm not up on the latest research and recent links to increasing female cancers. I enjoy protein shakes at lunch but they are made from whey and casein. I would like to remove that from my diet. Also, suggestions on other "milk" products for children. Do either of y'all have children and do they like almond milk?
My surgery had to be postponed due to a density being found in my left breast. I go for sonogram and possible biopsy this Friday. I am even more motivated at this point to rid animal products from my families' diet.
I have many questions....thank you for your input:)
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Yogamom, how did your biopsy go? I've just been reading up on soy lately. I'm not worried about the phytoestrogens, but I am concerned about the GMO in the non-organic soy crops. I've been trying to only buy organic tofu and edamame, but that doesn't address all the soy in processed foods (which we try not to eat, but some does sneak in!). I've started buying soy-free Earth Balance (vegan) margarine as well.

My kids do like Almond milk. We're also big rice milk drinkers.

Let's keep this thread going! Love it!

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I'm good to go for April 4th! Only dense tissue folded over on itself twice.
I am scared to death of the non organic soy as well. I am guilty of passing out veggie corn dogs on busy days for dinner.
I will give rice milk a try. My kids are loving almond milk:)
I have decided to wait to go all the way vegan. Vegetarian all the way though. After recovery I hope to experiment with adding other options. I love greek yogurt. Would be very hard to cut out of my diet. (especially since Ben and jerrys now sells frozen Greek yogurt 210 cal a scoop)! I'll post more soon.
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I'm so happy to see this topic! I've been a vegetarian since I was old enough to choose, but lost about 40 pound 2 years ago by "cleaning" up my diet: no processed food, nothing that comes from a package (except for yogurt). It was easy - since you're already doing organic, I would start with vegetarian, vegan is difficult at first. There is a book by Kathy Freston called "Lean Into It" - she explains how to make small changes gradually. Also, Vegetarian Times magazine has lots of ideas for snacks, which is often the hardest part for me. Plus, you might find that as you experiment with more vegetables, you actually like them, your tastes sometimes change when you start eating less animal products and processed foods. Good luck and congratulations!
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I love this thread! Congratulations on your weight loss!

Have you tried...

1. Freeze dried veggies

2. Fruit smoothies with spinach added (you can't even taste it!)

3. Healthy muffins cooked with veggie purees like carrot, squash or sweet potato

I'd love to see people expand more on this topic!


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