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why do you have to loose weight before you get a TT done?

  • lalalious80
  • New york
  • 2 years ago

  I am  32 year old mother of 3, I have had all C-section births and now my very curvey coco cola bottle shape just looks like a 2 litter soda.. LOL.. I go for my cosultation at Lenox hill hospital on the 13th of next month, I am not too scared of the procedure it self , but i just want to know why they want you to be at your BMI wieght? I am  225 lbs , my usaual weight is 200, but because I just had the baby 7 months ago I am still loosing the wight I gained.

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You are 32 and only 7 months out from your pregnancy. I would wait until your body has fully recovered. As far as weight is concerned I would look at your muscle mass or body fat percentages. If you have a hard fat tummy, the doctors will not be able to pull your skin as tight and make you flat. If most of your weight is in your breast or hips you will probably be fine.
Sometimes we loose so much weight trying to be at a certain number you develop a lot of loose skin in other places. Who wants a flat tummy with wrinkly thighs or flabby ta tas. If you have good skin tone it shouldn't be an issue, but there is a trade off.
I must disagree with you Sexysoulsister in regards the fat hard tummy because mine was like that my PS would grab my fat belly and he couldn't grab the skin because I didn't have hanging saggy skin so I believe it all depends on how good and skilled the PS is in order to be able to do a good job without you loosing weight to make the skin sagg....

Fat Belly my PS never asked me to loose weigth , I went in weighting 145 of course I came out weighting almost 150-160 due to the extreme swelling, I will be 6 months post op next week and now I weight 133-136 Im not exercising at all ( I'm lazy!!!) but soon will start to do so and so far my result are not ruined, I believe if you exercise after the TT and loose weight your body muscles will toned up ao I would not worry about loose skin....
But look at your weight. you went in weighing 145 lbs with a slightly rounded belly. At 225 with a higher bmi-complications also significantly increase so it's more important to see how the fat is distributed.
If she has a hard belly with a lot of fat right beneath the skin some docs will do lots of lipo, but lipo is suppose to be more of a finishing tool.

If the hard belly is a result of fat beneath or in the muscle a tummy tuck will not fix the issue regardless of the surgeons skills. Also sometimes the muscles or fascia is so stretched out a tummy tuck does not yield the best results.

I would work out really hard and do everything I could first. After she has done her best, I believe she will be more pleased with her results.
Hi! You don't have to lose weight before a tummy tuck. Some doctors will do the tuck if you have loose skin and you need MR (muscle repair), but if you aren't at an ideal weight: 1. Healing time takes much longer
2. You probably won't like the results

The doctors like to see that you're at your ideal weight because they want you to be pleased with the final outcome.

Imagine this: you get your tummy tuck and then you decide you want to lose 20 more lbs. because you don't think you look good enough. Because of the weight loss your tuck will be ruined and you'll have to go back in for revision. The same goes for if you gain weight.
You want to look your best BEFORE you go in, and let the doctors just improve on perfection : ) I'm sure other people will have more to add, but I hope this helped.