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loose skin and muffin top after ETT

  • Pam47
  • 2 years ago

I am 6 months out from ETT.  I am not happy with my results.  My PS said an ETT would correct all of my concerns that were...a muffin top, loose hanging skin from under my breasts down to pubic line and my sides.  It feels like my skin is getting very loose and I can grab alot of extra skin and when I sit I have a terrible muffin top.  I am very depressed with my results.  I go back in June for a BL/BA and I will discuss this with my PS but I think he'll say it looks alot better then pre op.  And yes it does but I expected alot more.  I  knew I wouldnt have a tight 18 year old stomach but I thought at least it would be tighter then it is and I didnt expect to be able to grab as much skin as I can post op.  HELP!

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Personally, I would not let him to another procedure on you if you weren't happy with the first procedure. Perhaps he isn't as skilled as other plastic surgeons. I would get a 2nd and 3rd opinion from board certified PS and see what they say, then take that info with you when you see your doc again. Only another opinion or two can confirm whether or not it is just your skin tone or whether you were not pulled tight enough. Please do the research before letting this doc do more work on you. While I agree you may look better than before, that doesn't mean this is the best your tummy can look and only another doc who doesn't have a vested interest can tell you that. Best wishes to you.
Definitely talk to your PS. I would be unhappy if I still had loose skin. You might also consider doing a consult with another PS. If your original PS says you should be happy with the results, you should mention that you've consulted with another PS, and that PS told you it should be corrected.
I'm sorry you're unhappy! Good luck in June!

Hmm, it's possible that your skin is very, very elastic, and that makes it difficult for it to snap back. Does your surgeon have input on this now? You shouldn't be able to grab a ton of skin at this point I wouldn't think.