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loose skin and muffin top after ETT

  • Pam47
  • 2 years ago

I am 6 months out from ETT.  I am not happy with my results.  My PS said an ETT would correct all of my concerns that were...a muffin top, loose hanging skin from under my breasts down to pubic line and my sides.  It feels like my skin is getting very loose and I can grab alot of extra skin and when I sit I have a terrible muffin top.  I am very depressed with my results.  I go back in June for a BL/BA and I will discuss this with my PS but I think he'll say it looks alot better then pre op.  And yes it does but I expected alot more.  I  knew I wouldnt have a tight 18 year old stomach but I thought at least it would be tighter then it is and I didnt expect to be able to grab as much skin as I can post op.  HELP!