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RE: Loose and saggy upper abdomen after tummy tuck

  • siouxmac
  • Rhode Island
  • 5 years ago

I had a full Tummy Tuck 6 months ago. After the procedure, my surgeon told me that since my belly button was 'high' to begin with, he was able to leave it intact after the Tummy Tuck. My fear is that this really translates into, "I didn't remove as much skin as I should have." I now have a taut lower abdomen, but the entire area above my navel is loose and saggy. Last week, my surgeon performed laser skin tightening on my upper abdomen (his solution). I am not at all convinced that this will remedy the problem. Is this a normal result, or am I right to have expected better? I am not overweight and I have done regular abdominal workouts both pre and post surgery. Thank you!

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