How long was your revision recovery?

  • MakenzieR
  • Seattle, WA
  • 2 years ago

I have to have a capsulectomy for my right breast, 5 mos post-op. I'm going to replace both implants and go slightly bigger. My doctor says the recovery won't be nearly as tough as the first time because the muscle and tissue is already stretched to accomodate the implant. 

What was your experience with revision recovery? How quickly were you able to be active again when compared to the first time?

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I had a capsuletectomy done on both breast 6 months ago and i increase my breast size 2 days ago. so far my recovery is so much easier, the only pain i have is around the incision site.
It seems like a breeze the second time around, but be extra careful not to overdue it, as far as what your expectations are of yourself and your ability to exercise etc. I found weeks 1 and 2 to be shockingly not so awful, but I am on a ski trip now, 4 & 1/2 weeks after my surgery and I am in considerable pain and am worried I may have set myself back. Also, your first surgery seems rather recent, so although I think it probably won't be as surprising to your system as the first one, it could still take you some time to recover. Good luck!
recovery is not as tough 2nd time around. Im 12 days post op and i'm doing well. THO..i can't lift anything heavy and no exercising for at least 4 weeks. I did cheat and did a little ab work out but i made sure i did not use any of my chest muscles. You dont want to raise your blood pressure as it can cause sweeling and clots.