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How long must you be out of work for breast lift?

  • LivinginPA
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  • 1 year ago

Thinking of having breast lift for my next surgery, wow haven't had my tummy tuck yet and already thinking of another surgery, how much time off is needed from work? I have an office desk position and I'll be taking off 2 weeks off March 4th for tummy tuck and I was lucking to get two weeks back to back because they don't like us doing that they only like us to take one week at a time only management is allowed to do back to back vacation which I think is stupid, if we earned the time I think we should be allowed to take when we want. My office is stupid. 

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Your not the only one with PS fever. I had my BA on 2/13 and I'm trying to schedule my TT in june with either Yily or Robles. Still trying to wait to see results of the other women on RS. Good Luck with your decision!!
Thank you

Here's what some doctors say about breast lift recovery time.

You might also want to look into a "mommy makeover", which is a tummy tuck plus breast work at the same time = one recovery. Some doctors will do them and some won't. It also depends on what they think your health/body can handle.