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How long does the it takes for the swollen to go down?

  • Classylady71
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies. On July 23, 2013. I went to DR to get a tummy tuck and lipo/fat transfer to my hips. The worst pain I ever experienced in my life. I would rather give birth to my 4 children then go through that pain again. I'm still very swollen and the scares are crazy looking. I guess my question is. Is this swellon ever going to go away? 

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I'm three years out from my surgery and I still have some swelling right over my belly button if I stand too long. I'm sure it will go away soon though!
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I hate that you've hurt so badly. I've had very little if any real pain. My ps said lipo is what causes the pain and majority of swelling. I did not have lipo. I still swell but not bad. I can't be much help to you but I am thinking about you and pray it gets easier very soon!
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Thank you Peachesnsausage. The pain is getting better as the day goes by. Now I'm just swellon. This tues coming will be 3 week since Surgary and I'm still having my ups and down days. I do make it my point of duty to walk a mile a day. I did do some research and walking seems to help. I really just can't wait for this god forsaking swelling to go down. Thank you for your prayers and your positive words. It means a lot.