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How long does the pain last and does neurontin really help?

  • Nori435
  • 5 months ago

Hi all,  I am on day 7 from when I had the CoolSculpting procedure on my abdomen. I've had the pain many talk about starting day 5 and was wondering how long I should expect the pain to last. The pain is that sharp stinging pain along with an intense burning sensation.  I tried reaching out to my doctor about possibly getting a neurontin prescription but couldn't get a hold of them. Will try tomorrow. For those of you who did experience pain and tried neurontin, did it help? I don't want to get a prescription drug if it's not going to help.  Thank you in advance for the replies and insights!    

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Just had it done 12 day ago. Elsewhere I read it lasts for ~13 days. In my experience, it lasted 12. Neurontin in small doses as needed did help.
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