Long-Term Vaser Recovery

  • BillyinBeds
  • 2 years ago

I had vaser on my upper arms over eight weeks ago and wanted to share my experiences on this forum. my surgeon took 1 1/2 litres  of fat from my arms (he says it's the most he's ever done on upper arms) and immediately after the surgery I was euphoric! - I could already see the difference and was thrilled to have finally had the surgery I had waited years for.

I am quite large all over but my 'bat wings' have always made me feel 'abnormal' and I was so excited to lose them! I had planned to return later in the summer to have my inner/outer thighs and my neck/chin area done.   In the following few days my bubble definitely burst as the swelling/bruising/pain kicked in and I began to find the compression garments SO uncomfortable and painful (I was getting blisters and sores on my underarms where the garments were rubbing).

The first aftercare session where a nurse massaged my arms was hell - I thought I would pass out with the pain!   Ten sessions and three weeks later I was still in a lot of pain and so swolen but my surgeon told me this was normal and I should wait at least six weeks to see a real improvement! (what happened to little or no down time!?!)  

At my eight week post op session I explained to my surgeon that I was disappointed to still be swollen and still in some pain (but SO glad to be rid of those DARN compression garments). He explained that this was normal and I won't be fully recovered for up to a year! I am SO sad. I have lost 2 1/2 cm from each arm and there is less 'swing' but this just isn't enough to justify the pain/discomfort/money! In another six months I will probably (hopefully) be thrilled with the results but right now I am doubting if it was all worth it. I won't be having further areas done.

My advice to anyone considering this surgery would be to look to the long term and don't expect miracles - and definitely don't have it done if you have a date in mind or an event to go to (i went to a wedding 3 weeks after my surgery and I looked like an elephant!). Be prepared to possibly wait a LONG TIME to see the results and don't expect to go from supersize to supermodel!!!   I have friends who have had 'annoying little areas of fat' removed and are absolutely thrilled with the results but if you have a lot of fat to shift you may just have to stick to the diet!

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry that you haven't had the results you were looking for just yet, but hopefully with time those results will come through.

I Haven't had vaser myself, but I have read that results can take up to six months to come through completely.