Has Anyone Had Long Term Results?

  • quilter55
  • 1 year ago

My biggest fear is I keep hearing that if you put weight back on it won't go to the areas that were cool sculpted but elsewhere. I am pretty distributed evenly when loosing or gaining. I don't want to all of a sudden have huge thighs because I cool sculted my stomach and arms. Any comments?

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you will not notice much difference, except you will have irregularities under your skin of the abdomen, like after a bad liposuction job. It does remove fat randomly and very unevenly. I wonder if I should have more treatments done to achieve more regular result or do lipo to correct the damage done by crio without waisting any more money?
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That would probably be true, since, as an adult you don't new fat cells, but instead existing ones expand. That's why it is so important to maintain your weight after having this done.
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