how long will it takes before chin lipo will totally heal?

  • emmapancho
  • 11 months ago

ive done my chin lipo 1 week and 3 days was ok at the first week even if there are some bruise and the numbness..but after a week suddenly it become swollen and the stiffness goes upto may lower lips and upper jawline and it hurts starting to worry

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hi emmapancho, dont worry about that.. i was suffering same problem.. you should continue your treatment.. i know 1st week is difficult but after that it will help you... you can also refer thanks...
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its was really hurting last nyt and I dont have other choice but to take pain reliver and I took of my food suppliment hoping it will help then when I woke up pain no more stiffness and numbness is still there butI noticed some liquid came out of my stitches im really starting to worry..going to my doctor today
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