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how long to see final results?

  • sec12
  • 1 year ago

Hi all! I'm 2 months post op and, to be perfectly honest, my nose really doesn't look all. My Dr. swears it looks awesome, but it looks the same to me. Still too big for my tiny face, too long, too pointy at the tip. It also has some strange ridges on the sides that he says will go away. Are these things that will change over time as healing completes? I'm so nervous, I already spent a lot of money on this, I won't be able to ever afford to have it fixed again. Any insights? How long did it take to see your final results? Thanks so much for the help! EDIT: added before and after pictures!

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You are only 8 weeks post op. You have a long way to go before you reach your final result. If you have an open surgery, it could take up to 18 months for ALL of the swelling and changes to take place. Please see patient. Maybellineo
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A year before all the swelling goes down, I had mine 2 yrs ago then had a revision op on it last August, 9 months on I can still see my nose getting better by the day. Probable a few years before its totally settled but I'm very happy with mine.
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OMG! I am going through the same exact situation. I just had surgey on Mar. 11, 13, and I can honestly say , I am not happy with the outcome either! My Dr. also swears it looks awesome, and does not understand that its still too long and pointy at the the tip. He insists that it will change once the healing is over and I am freaking out as well.

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Hi there,

I definitely see the improvement. Just by looking at your photos (and I'm not an expert, just a community manager), it looks like your swelling could still be in the tip, which is the part that takes longest to heal. My tip was swollen and numb for months and months and months. Will be interested to hear what the doctors say about this in the Q&A community.

Fingers crossed for you that the swelling subsides soon and you find happiness in your results.

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