How long until permanent lip color shows?

  • surena
  • Canada b.c
  • 6 years ago

I had my lips colored tattooed a week ago but i dont see any colour in them yet. What can I do? Or is it too early to tell? Does the color come later on?

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Many people do not realize that the lips are a muscle and not skin.   Once they have been tattooed they start to dry and peel, usually within a few days.  It's very important to saturate the lips constantly with your healing ointment for two weeks.  The lips form a protective coating and covers the color.  Over time, usually 4-6 weeks this layer thins out and you start to see the color.  This is usually the case with the full part of the lips, the outside liner shows up first.  Everyone is different but I usually recommend three visits for a full lip and two for a liner.  You also need to be aware that blisters may occur on any lip procedure and your artist will advise you to take precautionary measures to help avoid an outbreak.
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Lips heal differently than other skin on the body. Because the lips go through a prolonged chapped period, it may take about 30 days for the color to 'bloom'. Most lip procedures require a follow up session.
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