How long is this pain going to last? RN injected into and plugged a vessel in my temple with restylane!

  • 2sassy2
  • 2 years ago

I got 2 diagnoses of shingles 4 days after treatment with Restylane, Urgent Care and a Dermatologist, that I was sure was triggered by the 12 ml of restylane I was subjected to.  It was my first experience with injectables of any kind and just wanted a little something in my forehead for a couple of lines.  The pain is horrendous, there was initially mottling on the right side of my face, hairline to chin, and burning pain on the top of my head within an hour.  She said oh, it's just bruising, I hit a blood vessel.  She gave me ice and her assistant massaged my temple for a few minutes.  It's been over a week and I still feel ill, like a flu without fever.  Almost half of my scalp has painful sores, tingling, extreme tenderness.  Fortunately I saw a different dermatologist yesterday that correctly diagnosed that the RN plugged my blood vessel and the mottling was the loss of blood to that side of my face.   I have learned she should have/could have injected something to clear that out and remove it.   She didn't, so here I am.  Horrible scalp pain and right temple pain and these hideous sores and discoloration..   Any suggestions what to do to get this out of me faster and/or make me feel better?    Doc said I will have to wait it out.  Also am concerned about scarring, which I guess is the least of my problems at the moment.  It's a struggle to just not cry.  I hated it being shingles but at least that is a natural normal viral process.  This is just bad.   I want to warn everyone do not have an RN do any procedures of this type ever without a doctor right there.  For me, if I could do it over again, I'd only go to very experienced MD and if anyone tried to upsell me anything I'd hit the streets quickly especially if they are unable to quote a price.