How Long Does It Normally Take for a Doctor's Office to Send a Referral?

  • mrtt
  • 1 year ago

I saw my doctor over two months ago about breast reduction surgery. He agreed to send my referral. But I haven't heard anything. I've called his office twice and his secretary told me it's on his desk and it'll be sent soon, then hung up on me. I'm very pleasant on the phone. But she she hangs up on me and doesn't call me back. So I don't know how to take charge of this situation to get this done.

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Hi mrtt, I am just starting on my journey, but my experience was this: When I asked my primary care doctor for a referral for breast reduction, she said I'll need a recent mammogram for insurance approval. Her office set up an appointment for a mammogram, and she recommended a plastic surgeon. I received a call a few hours later with an appointment scheduled (by my primary care doctor's office) the following month with the plastic surgeon. I saw the PS, and was instructed to ask my primary care doctor for additional history, information, and recent mammogram to be forwarded to the PS. 4 days after my appt with the PS, they faxed information to my insurance seeking approval. This all took place over the course of about 3 weeks, and I am currently waiting to hear I have been approved so I can schedule my BR surgery date. It sounds like your Dr's office is putting you off. Can you go there in person and ask for the referral? My other concern would be the follow up information the plastic surgeon and/or your insurance will require from your doctor. If it has been this hard to get your doctor to write the referral, they may not comply with providing the additional background info that your PS and insurance will require to approve you. Is it possible for you to change doctor's and seek a referral from the new doctor? That may take less time than getting your current doctor to write one... Good luck! Birch
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