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How long did you honestly wear your binder?

  • helenes transformation
  • Baltimore, MD
  • 3 years ago

I'm 3 weeks post op, I've worn in 24/7 up until yesterday, I slept without it and finally slept through the night. Some surgeons don't even recommend it. I didn't have lipo and I think that's a big factor. I believe my surgeon said try to wear it as much as possible.. but I hate it. Maybe 8 hours a day? UGH anyone have insight?

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2 weeks, no CG or anything after
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I am 3.5 weeks post op from. Tt and a RD repair and I found the binder irritating my skin and rubbing my incisions, so I bought granny panties pulled them up over top of my belly button then put the binder over that and wow does that ever feel better! The doc said after week one I didn't need padding so that is when I bought the granny panties. I was told last week I could buy the spanks but to be quite honest with you it is too friggen hot this summer to be wearing full spanks that go right under your rib cage down to my upper thighs then have your usual under garments and clothes on as well! So I am still wearing the binder not as much anymore as I am finding the more I wear the garment the more I swell!
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I hated that effing thing and barely wore it after two weeks. I had a drainless TT and no lipo, so not sure if that made a difference, but I could not stand wearing it. The first week I really felt like I needed it to hold my guts in, but by the end of week 2 I wanted to burn it.
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I'm 12 days post tummy tuck, lipo and breast lift. I'm supposed to wear binder but I must have a really short waist because it presses up against the sutures under my breast. I try pulling it down to my hips but it rides back up when I sit or lie. I've tried stuffing cloth diapers, soft booty socks etc into the top to cushion my breast but it just isn't helping. It's a 9 in binder and I haven't seen one any narrower. I'm miserable. The nurses are aware of this but didn't really know what to do. Any advice? I still have another week before I see my Dr. I can't take the discomfort any longer. Anyone else have this problem?
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Did you get a resolution to this? I'm one week post opp having the same issue. Tuesday I put spanx on then the binder which was a bit more comfortable, at least the binder warnt rubbing on bare skin....ugh.
I found the GABRIALLA binder made for women and it was the best! Its very soft with soft edges, yet gives you the firm control thats needed. You can get it online through different pharmacy sites or from i highly recommend this binder to anyone getting tummy tuck! I graduated into spanx after 3 weeks but couldn't stand them! They cut into my legs and stomach. I'm now back in regular panties and wear my binder when I walk on the treadmill, for added support. I'm about 7 weeks post op now and going back for face lift and fraxel next Tuesday! No binder this time thank The Lord!
How long should you were a hernia belt and should you were spans in place of ?
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I also would like some feed back on hernia op .howmlong should you were
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has anyone heard of prolonged use of a hernia belt or spanx garments can be bad for hernias
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has anyone been told that proloned use of a belt or spanx is bad for hernias
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I wear my binder 24/7. I am 2 1/2 weeks out and when I went back to work I wore a Tank style Spanx with the Binder over it. When I take it off I feel like I can't breathe. But It is getting looser and I am making it tighter and tighter. I love it. I was so worried about not being able to take it off for sex that I bought a black lace CG from that was crotch less so when it came to that time I could still wear a CG!
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I took mine off at a little after 4 weeks and am on day 2 without it and my swelling has gone down
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I'm 29 days TT & I just took mine off as well. I have swelling right above my scare & sides. I'm going to text my PS.
Cg for 2 weeks. Spanx type going on 4 weeks with cg at night. I have been weening off a bit. Headingon vaca tomorrow (po 5 weeks 5 days) and planning on ditching after flight. Packing spanx, sexy panties and comfy ones just in case. Yes thats 20 paira of under wear plus cg in my suitcase.
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My doc told me I could take it off 3 weeks. I only wore it when I needed extra support. I'm 10 weeks and haven't worn it in weeks sometimes I will wear a exercise band around my hips. I had tt lipo muscle repair breast reduction & hernia repair.
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How are you doing now ? What kind of hernia did you have ?
Hi. I had an umbilical hernia and a intestinal hernia.
This is the second ventral hernia I have had repaired .it has been three weeks now and I was wondering if you are wearing any support garments like ,belt or spanx?
I hate spanx! I bought an exercise/weight loss belt at Walmart I used it alot. I could put it where I felt I needed it on my tummy/hips. I shoulda bought 2. It gets a lol sweaty but it helped me feel secure. It's called good gym waistt trimming belt.
Thanks for the tip .did your dr tell you how long you should continue to wear them ?I don't have a problem with the spanx .Although ,it doesn't feel very good right now .I heard from one dr that continued use of any support may cause more damage .Not sure I agree with that .
I didn't were it all the time just when I needed support. All doctors are different. I'm 6 mo postop no issues or damage at all.
Great that's encouraging ,my dr says there is no guarantee ,it will not come back .Iam 65 yrs old .So I am hoping that I don't have to go through this again . Did they use the mess ?
At my two week post op appt, my dr said do you want me to throw this out (the binder)...and 8 said NO! Let me keep it just in case!!! he said ok but I don't have to wear anything any more....I have gone two days without anything and feel ok at 18 days po...not swelling that I can tell!
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Forgot to say that I had full tt and lipo!
I didn't have lipo either. June first will be 5 weeks for me and I asked if I can go one night without binder because I have a formal dance. He wants me to wear a binder anyway.
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