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How long does it take to feel good enough to go back to work after a breat lift, no implant?

  • Lindsey7025
  • Oklahoma
  • 7 months ago

I know I won't be able to lift for a while and I'll have to be careful, but how long til I can get up, get ready and go to work? I have a huge pain tolerance and am very upbeat. I had both of my boys all natural. Also. Will I need a special bra?

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Hi!  I looked up your question in the doctors' forums (it's not that easy since most people get implants!)  Here is one that's pretty good:  What's the Downtime for Breast Implant Removal and Lift?

Unfortunately, when I had my own BL without implants, I got a TT at the same time so I didn't feel the lift at all and have no idea how long it was before that was healed enough :).  It took me three days to be able to put on a shirt, but my lift was more of a reconstruction.  Overall, a BL tends to be much less painful than an augmentation.

I hope the link is helpful to you :).
Thanks for doing that!! It wasn't bad at all- on on Thursday and back to teaching on Tuesday!!
Nice!  Less than a week!  Thank you for updating us, so that ohers who look at this topic in the future will now have your answer :D.  Are you going to do a review?
Wow! You went back to work less than a week after surgery? How was using your arms after the BL? I'm not scheduled until 7/29/14 and am having quite a bit of lipo done as the same time as my BL w/ no implants, but I'm taking 3 weeks off to heal. I'm a RN and need to use my arm alot to do my job. Been very curious to know what to expect post-surgery!