How long can I expect to feel pain from my implants?

  • shannon1234
  • calgary
  • 4 years ago

I had my implants put in 18 months ago. Just in the last few days, I've had some very sharp, shooting pains in my right breast. I've been under huge stress and also lifting heavy things.

Am I still at risk for opening or hurting the incision site inside? How long does the pain of recovery last? Should I be 100% healed by now? Is this something that I should call the Dr about? The pain is somewhat close to my sternum. Thank you!

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I have had my implants for almost seven years, and just recently I have had a burning sensation and pain in my left breast. The pain is really starting to bother me, it's been about a week now. The only change I've made is that I got off of birth control a month ago. I'm scared. Any suggestions?


I am 27 healthy, never have hospitalized, i exercise 4 times week (mostly do stair running). I have a history of breast cancer in my family, my grandmother (from my mothers' side) had breast cancer and passed away in 1991. I have breast implants (Saline– Placed Subglandular ) for 2 yrs & 9 months, went from a small C to a small D cup. I have been experiencing sharp shooting pain only in my right breast. It seems to radiate all the way to my armpit, it feels bruised inside (mostly in my left upper quadrant of my right breast).