How long should I have discomfort from SmartLipo?

  • newgirlintown
  • st louis, mo
  • 4 years ago

Im 1 week post op today and feeling a little uneasy. I feel SO tight in my core and my back muscles are killing me. Its painful when I walk and sleep. I really wasnt expecting this. I really dont see any results and I just need some feedback on if I need to just RELAX! Thanks...

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I had Smart Lipo Dec 8 2010 & had pain for a few weeks and soreness with discomfort from the lumps and brusing for about 2 months. The compression garment is helpful but uncomfortable so sleeping or riding in a car was difficult. By 6 weeks I was not wearing the garment at night, just during the days. I had just quit my job, but I know I could never have returned to work (retail, long hours, moving, standing etc.) because of so much discomfort. It's now 2 months, Feb 11, 2011 and no more pain in ab/back/flank areas! So hopefully you recovered nicely by now (I see your post was from Mach 2010, no my reply might only be helpful to more recent inquiries!)

I had procedure done 3 months ago on my flanks and I still feel soreness and and looks like swelling on one side but it may be that it was not done very well. It was quite painful during procedure and I have a high tolerance to pain. I'm scared to go back and have touch-up procedure. Is this normal?