How long did it take people to decide to have a breast reduction?

  • Missy CT
  • 2 years ago

I am 27 years old this year and have been considering a breast reduction since I was in school. My boobs are 34 G and im a size 12 on my hips I just have always hated them, i feel so out of proportion. My back aches, i have dents in my shoulders and often have nasty rashes due to them. Also, I look at pictures of my friends and I look fatter then them even tho I know im a smaller dress size, no clothes fit ever and I have been in trouble with work over what I wear because shirts do not work and everything seems low cut on me.  I have been putting it off due to the fear of having an operation (my parents are doctors and tell me all the horror stories) and feeling i should like them but as I have gotten older and became single I feel i just get the worst attention from men and just cant trust men not to only be intrested in them not me (yes that might be in my head but my friends have noticed the difference too) I have also started running, after not exercising due to the pain they cause, in order to loose weight in hopes if i loose enough it will make a difference, i have lost a stone so far and if anything i think soon I will need a 32 H :(  I also dont want to become unhealthly skinny to have any affect. I am just unsure of what to do or how to decide? If anyone can give me things to consider, good stories or bad stories. Anything really as i hate how i look and I do want rid of them somehow. Any advice would really help. THanks    

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I am in the UK too and my parents are doctors and it has taken a long time for them to realise the pain i am in and all the other issues... even had to take my dad shopping for him to realise how clothes do not fit especially shirts which i need for work! I completely understand all you have said and it sounds so similar to what i have expereinced. I just want to look in proportion and not have to spend hours i dont have trying to not look slutty.
I am sure i will regret not having it done sooner but i need to be sure and it is a hard choice and so many people do try to put you off.
Good luck with everything and thank you very much!
Hi missy CT,
I live in the Uk. Its taken me 30 years to pluck up the courage to have this done. I was married to a doctor who kept telling me it wasn't necessary for me to have a BR... and he filled my head with horror stories which i really didnt need to hear. I know the procedure. I just wanted support and reassurance. I am 48 on 23rd April and i met my new partner 4 years ago. He has supported and encouraged me to do this as i too am a size 12 but i wear a 20 (UK sizes) and look fat/bigger overall. I dont wear dresses and i get remarks from men all the time and i am finding it annoying. The hardest part is the attitude of other women! I get negative looks when i walk into a shop or in a social setting, possibly because they are jealous. If i get talking to another woman and explin how difficult lifeis with 34GG boobs, they begin to get some insight into the problems I have and their attitude tends to change. Although those women with small boobs still wish i could hand some of mine over to them! Having heard how happy women are after this type of surgery it is something i am focussing on. I just hope i dont regret not doing it sooner...
I am so looking forward to fitted tops and not worrying what to wear to make my boobs look smaller, or always wearing black tops and colourful bottoms as my hips and bum are small but the tops half of my body just spoils the whole effect. I cannot look elegant with massive boobs. I hope i can look in a mirror, (post op) and see a slim elegant woman who can wear nice pretty bras instead of nice pretty but huge bras and baggy tops... x
14 years ...... I have wanted it since I was 18. When I was 18 I wore a 36G. I always felt like I was flaunting them. To compensate I would slouch or wear baggy tops, but then I looked frumpy. Friends even ask me if I was depresed. Perverts always stared me :O( and I really just wanted to blend in. I too looked heavier than I was due to my bust size and clothing choice. I put if off so long because of the horror stories.

At this point I can really see myself joining the "elderly ladies with gigantic bosoms" club that TheGreenHoodie mentioned ( and to be really honest ...That club is one I would rather avoid. ) I am 32 and I wear a 44H / 42I My biggest feer is being on the operating table for 5 hours. My surgery is sceduled for May 25. Hope to be a D-DD. I still have a lot of worries but this sight is wonderful for anwsering questions and reading other peoples stories. I never knew there were so many wemon with stories just like mine. It is encouraging to see thier results and read thier stories. This sight will help.

Good luck.
Thats on my birthday.... but yea the operation scares me too but I do think the results must be worth it! thank you and good luck to you too!
It took me 10 years to decide. Do NOT listen to the horror stories. Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You'll be making one of the best decisions ever.
Thanks, i am startign to realise you are right. The posittive far outweigh the negatives! :)
10 years here!
Heey Missy CT, I have been struggling with boobie issues for the past 11 years and I'm 29. I'm 4'11 rocking a 34 ddd (yikes). I have finally decided enough is enough (no more shoulder pain, no more matronly bra's that don't match my panties and no more Never being able to wear a backless anything). So I'm currently in full swing have sent my PS all documentation they've requested and trying to get
My INS. To pay for these bad boys. I'd like to be a full C cup. So we will see. Good luck In your journey this site is awesome you will definitely get the courage to go forth and make your life YOUR own and be comfortable in your skin, clothes and even better buck naked!!!
Thank you for your comment, its good to know it is a hard decision for others too. I am going to my doctor next week to start the process as I really dont want to waste more time feeling bad for wanting to have the reduced.
Missy, it's funny, I just posted about this yesterday--the reasons why I waited so long to have the surgery done (most of my issues was good old-fashioned guilt complex!).

I had reached the point where I was so tired of the giant breast routine (somewhere in the neighborhood of a 36F or so at 5 foot 6 and 150 lb), I started making (sort of) "jokes" about taking a butcher knife to them! I really would rather have zero breasts than the burdens I had then.

I went thru years of the same frustrations you describe, problems with cardio, "outgrowing" my tops, clothes not fitting, looking obscene in V-necks, etc. As to guys, I had a good and bad experiences, but the good news is, some guys just really appreciate big boobs. Unfortunately, they DON'T understand what it's like with all the "baggage" the big ones come with, trying to dress yourself fashionably, deal with the back and neck pain and the shoulder grooves.... And then there are the guys that seem to regard a large rack as some kind of freak show!

In my case, I found out that breasts are made up of fat and breast tissue. Mine were almost exclusively breast tissue, making them VERY heavy, and almost impossible to reduce through hard exercise. I hope you don't feel as if there's something you're doing wrong, because sometimes they just don't budge despite weight loss--and I had lost 25 lb.

Anyway, I thought about the procedure only vaguely for a few years, thinking insurance would deny me, I could try to lose another 20 lb, etc...and then I started noticing elderly ladies with gigantic bosoms, and all I could think of was: THAT WILL BE ME. So finally last December I decided to go ahead and check it out with a surgeon. The surgery consultations are usually at no cost, so the only obstacle for me there was total embarrassment and being "seen" by the doctor.

I'm happy to report that a PS with a good reputation for breast surgery should make you feel comfortable. After December, I had another initial consult or 2 with a couple of surgeons, and in February 2012 found the right one. My surgery was March 6, and I couldn't be happier! I wish I'd done it sooner. Best of luck to you in your decision-making process :)
Dang, sorry that was SO LONG!
Dont worry about the length. Its always good to know there are other people out who find it difficult. Thanks really helpful especially about the loosing weight. I really dont want to get obessed by that being the fix and it never working and me getting some kinda of eating disorder. I am thinking I will see after another stone and then looking into surgery if there has been no affect. Thanks again :D