How long did it take people to decide to have a breast reduction?

  • Missy CT
  • 2 years ago

I am 27 years old this year and have been considering a breast reduction since I was in school. My boobs are 34 G and im a size 12 on my hips I just have always hated them, i feel so out of proportion. My back aches, i have dents in my shoulders and often have nasty rashes due to them. Also, I look at pictures of my friends and I look fatter then them even tho I know im a smaller dress size, no clothes fit ever and I have been in trouble with work over what I wear because shirts do not work and everything seems low cut on me.  I have been putting it off due to the fear of having an operation (my parents are doctors and tell me all the horror stories) and feeling i should like them but as I have gotten older and became single I feel i just get the worst attention from men and just cant trust men not to only be intrested in them not me (yes that might be in my head but my friends have noticed the difference too) I have also started running, after not exercising due to the pain they cause, in order to loose weight in hopes if i loose enough it will make a difference, i have lost a stone so far and if anything i think soon I will need a 32 H :(  I also dont want to become unhealthly skinny to have any affect. I am just unsure of what to do or how to decide? If anyone can give me things to consider, good stories or bad stories. Anything really as i hate how i look and I do want rid of them somehow. Any advice would really help. THanks