How Long Should a Dental Crown (On Implant) Be Guaranteed?

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  • 1 year ago

My wife had dental implants with crowns on her eye tooth and cuspid 5 yrs ago. The cuspid crown recently broke off while she was eating toast. She went to the dentist that did the work and he charged her $100 to do an exam..said it would cost around $3,500 for him to fix it. We left his care about a year ago as he no longer accepted our insurance. He said had she stayed with him it may not have occurred as he could have watched it. Shouldn't something like this be guaranteed? Advice PLEASE...

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From what I understand every office can set their own policy, so there is no standard warranty.

Here is a Q&A you might find helpful, but this person experience a broken implant, so slightly different than he broken crown it sounds like your wife has:

I Got a Dental Implant 5 Years Ago, and It Broke Off! What is my Recourse?

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