Why is long chin even longer now after chin implant?

  • Sad Lana
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2 years ago

Hi there, I need help. I just had a chin implant and neck lipo 11 days ago, and I am so unhappy with it, I cannot stop crying. I had a receding chin from profile view that I always hated, hence the desire for surgery. However, I always loved my face from frontal view, especially when smiling, that's when I always felt at my prettiest. I always felt my chin was too long though. My doctors told me that after implant, my frontal view wouldn't change, but it did in a bad way. My long chin is now even longer after this implant, especially when I smile. Sure my profile has improved, but from the front now, I look horrific, like a man. When I smile, my chin is way too long and pointy vertically. It has completely changed the way I look in an ugly way, when all I wanted was to look prettier. Put aside that my old beautiful smile is practically non-existent (which is beyond depressing in itself), my chin that was already too long before is now even longer. I cannot stand looking in the mirror, and I cry when I see any pictures taken of me. I also cry looking at my old pictures, missing the frontal view of my previously pretty face. I had no idea this surgery would make my chin look longer vertically from the front. I just thought my chin would jut out more horizontally. If the surgeons would have told me that a chin implant, though correcting my profile, might elongate my chin from the front, I would have never gotten it done. I am beyond regretful right now, and full of concerns and questions: 1) Most say chin implant swelling lasts up to 10 days. I am on day 11. Is it possible I still have swelling, and this swelling is creating the elongated frontal view? Or is this just how it's going to look from the front now on? 2) If there still is swelling, and it continues to go down as time passes, how will that reduced swelling affect the frontal view of the chin? Right now, I can't tell that there's any swelling, only numbness. The previous swelling was on the sides of my face, like chipmunk face from wisdom teeth removal, and as that subsides, won't it make chin that much more masculine and v-shaped vs. rounder, shorter, more feminine? 3) My implant was placed from an incision under my chin. Is it possible that the implant was placed too downwards, instead of outwards, which can be causing the elongated frontal chin? 4) Will my smile ever go back to normal really? Some say it's the nerves being stretched that cause this, which I understand. But even so, when the nerves heal, will they still be able to pull at my big smile as they did before while this implant is in? 5) Can I take this implant out without complications? How soon is too soon, how late is too late? I am very nervous that if I take it out, I will get worse nerve damage that will permanently alter my smile, a deformity from the left-over pocket of skin, a witch's chin droopy hanging skin from it getting stretched out, the list goes on and on. To anyone out there who experienced these same issues, or has any knowledge or insight on this, please get back with me, I anxiously await your response. Thank you, Sad Lana