How long do breast implants really last?

  • 3 years ago

Check out this link to read a story quoting that 20 to 40% of patients who get silicone implants for cosmetic reasons will need another surgery within ten years.

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That was an interesting article to read over, but it really doesn't say alot more than what our plastic surgeons tell us when we are considering implants. They are very good at making sure we understand ahead of time what kinds of complications we might have and the reasons that we might possibly need future surgeries. Personally I think that a big percentage of the women who have replacements are due to the fact that they want bigger implants. I realize some people have problems healing especially after reconstruction of the breasts. The body is sending it's system into overload with the cells because it's detecting foreign objects and thinks it should cover them to shield them from our body. So we get all the build up of scar tissue and capsular contraction. We should consider that these same women who need reconstruction have probably been subjected to an awful lot of medications and treatments for the cancers/problems that caused them to need reconstructive surgery. Those also cause a weakened immune system and may be the cause of complications with the body tolerating implants. Infections are a possible cause for many many types of surgeries, we've always known that.

I believe if we get board certified surgeons to do our cosmetic surgeries then there are fewer replacements needed for reasons such as displacement. I have heard from women that said "Go Bigger" meaning they wish they had. But we worry that they will be too big, then when the swelling goes down we wish we had that fullness back. I know for a fact that there are many many young girls getting implants now and I could see that down the line they may want firmer, perkier breasts again that was lost due to the effects of gravity. It's why most of us do it in the first place. This is all part of life and doesn't have any bearing on the safety of silicone implants. Alot of women wish they didn't have to wait so long to get them replaced.

My own surgeon said that in 11 years he only had one implant that ruptured and it was saline (with a silicone shell) and it happened during a car accident where the seat belt grabbed her during impact.

Silicone implants are much thicker now and safer too. They are now mostly put behind the muscles which protects them even more from outside traumas or injuries. We can have MRI's to check for ruptures or leaks just like we can have mammograms to detect abnormalities in breast tissue. So it's not like we have something damaging our bodies for years and not know it.

I know for myself a few people said to me "well you know you have to have them redone again in like ten years?" I said if there is no health reasons to do this the only reason would be to lift or enlarge them again. That's a personal choice and should be considered as part of the statistical numbers that are being shown as to subsequent surgeries. They should really do surveys and break down the causes of more surgeries as to their specific reasons instead of making a broad statement about the life span of silicone implants in general in my opinion.

I do believe though that anyone who gets them is fully aware that there may be a need to have more surgeries down the line. That's just good medical practice on the surgeons part to inform us. Mine did and it didn't deter me at all as I'm sure it doesn't for many women. If I had read this article before having surgery I would have still gone through with it.

Thank you for sharing this article Angie. I really enjoyed reading it.