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How long does the benefits of Fraxel Repair last?

  • millyrehc
  • Singapore
  • 4 years ago

Based on the reviews of Fraxel Repair treatment for people who has undergone the treatment for 6 months already, it seems that the improvements may only last 3 months. After that, the same old scars and wrinkles are back with only slight improvement in overall skin texture and skintone.

What has your experience been?

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Hi Milly, You ask a very good and important question. There is no set answer as every patient is different, and it depends on what condition is being treated. I have been treating patients for 2 years with Fraxel repair. I find that the majority of patients are very happy with their results. After the first few weeks, the skin is still slightly swollen so patients love the absence of wrinkles. As this swelling disappears by about 3 months, patients will see some return of lines and wrinkles, but only a small percentage of what was there before the treatment. Scars may require 2 to 3 treatments for optimal results. Patients who have a second treatment for rejuvenative reasons get an exponential boost in their results (1+1=much more than 2). A recent article looking at patients two years after Fraxel repair showed continued good results in most patients with a minority of patients benefiting from a repeat treatment. Good luck and be well. Dr. P

Whats your opinion of E-Matrix sublative skin rejuvenation for face,lip wrinkles removal. I am under going a series for 4 ,one per month. So far ater 2 I'm not seeing much success,still have lip wrinkles,and face,eye wrinkles. They say it takes 4 procedures. If your not familiar with this,it's using radio-frequency energy to use extreme heat to damage below tissue below the dermis thereby causing a rebuilding of collagen,thus filling wrinkles. It's suppose to have a long lasting effect on on wrinkle removal. I'm not so sure on this yet,going in for my 3rd,and as I said not seeing any great results,yet. It does leave your face feeling sun burnt, grids on face post treatment,and very dry.A week of this is not fun, but you can cover all areas with make-up so it's not that noticeable. If you can shed some light on this vs fraxel repair or better yet CO2. I was going to have C02 however I was afraid of the full 7 day downtime with having to have my face really burnt and soaking,plus over all problems of skin discoloration or other problems. I am Caucasian, brown hair,57 years old female,spent a lot of time in the sun,burns, etc. I have lip wrinkles,mild face wrinkles, eye wrinkles, chin wrinkles. I had a blephroplasty in my 20's, due to too much puffiness and overhang on lids. My eyes now are somewhat wrinkled and have dark circles at night, more,after removing eye concealer. So I ask you, what would be the best wrinkle removal to last for, lip,chin,crows feet and for head,if this E-Matix doesn't work? Fillers are short term for upper lip and other areas,too expensive. Whats my next choice for a long lasting result?

I had E-Matrix from Laser Centers of America. They are a a basic laser, for laser,radio-frequency procedures won't help lip wrinkles. You will be wasting your money because lip wrinkles are extremely difficult to correct since the skin is thin and you move your mouth thereby creating the same pattern of wrinkling. I have lip wrinkles and never smoked. I was told by Laser centers of America,that 4 sessions would remove my face and lip wrinkles, never happened never will, lost my $1400. The lip wrinkles are very difficult to correct, we talk a lot,skin is thin, and if you lost collagen well we need a real specific type of treatment. You have to go on the web and read,read,look at before and after pictures of what type of face treatments there are for your specific problem. Then you find the doctor in your area,board certified plastic, Cosmetic ore Dermatologists that specialize in the kinds of procedures you need for your type of problem.. I am going to a Board Certified eye surgeon,Ophthalmologist and Board certified Plastic surgeon specializing in the face and cosmetic procedures,as well as correcting other MD mistakes.My eyes are my problem I have dry eye,floaters and want Eye lid Upper and lower, as well face laser,lip wrinkle correction. I will only go to an eye surgeon,plastic surgeon, who does face laser as well. The doctor has to have the specific laser for my problem or I'm not seeing him. I have seen before and after pictures from one I'm seeing yet,will ask to see them form both doctors. The recovery from E-matrix,very short,2 days.Active FX is 5 days of red,scabby peeling, can wear make-up on day 5, you will see deep wrinkles reoccur, this is not for deep facial wrinkles. Your skin will be softer,fine wrinkles will appear softer. My opinion, this can be pretty expensive for the mild changes. On a positive note, it's good for the skin, sloughs off outer layer of dead skin.I think a good chemical peel for be more cost effective for this type of facial concern,probably half the price.Active FX can range from $900 to $1000,depends if doing the whole face or partial.