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How long will it be before I am able to walk up straight?

  • Sissy Mom
  • 2 years ago

8.17.2012 How long will it be before I am able to walk up straight? Could it be that I am eating things that are making me feel bloated? I know that I am just 2 1/2 weeks PO, I just feel so rounded just above belly button to the cut. It feels so hard. Is that normal?

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As for walking up right, i am with the others as every one is different.
personally i was walking upright at 98% after less than a week.
never experienced the back ache either
however i am aware that there is a bit of a pull and i wont push it.

As for the swelling well thats a different matter, like you i am swelling above the belly button. and i weill be 2 weeks next monday.
There's no specific time for that, your body will do it little by little, everybody is different, I was able to walk straight by week 4, everyday is a challenge and better than the day before, you need to be patient and listen to your body don't force the stretch because it might hurt your incision....
Thanks Pocahontas, I was just wondering cause I had people asking me shouldn't I be walking straight by now. Also is swelling normal after 3 weeks po?
Hi SissyMom..not sure what is NORMAL now a days...first we have the goal to make it past the first 3 days,then 3wks..if I'm not mistaken..we're around the same time frame so in my case..I can walk pretty straight however when I feel the pull I know not to push it. Not sure if your as active as I am but being 3 wks now I'm beginning to swell more than I did the first 3 days. My Nurse says I'm doing too much and I need to rest. My PS says although I'm not too swollen he's wanting me in the binder for the next 4 wks!! So I guess my goal would be 7 wks. All of us heal at different speeds and swelling (as I know now) can happen at anytime..even a year later. So..I wouldn't necessarily blame it on what you eat but I would try to avoid the things which tend to make you bloat. I hope your swelling subsides quickly. Take care.
Sissy you are still fresh and yes is normal to swell at 3 wks, now that I'm 5 1/2 months post op is when my swelling is almost gone so hang in there and rest as much as you can ...

You have what we call SWELL HELL!   This is all a part of the healing process and just takes time.  I did not walk fully upright until between 3-4 weeks post op.  My back was sore for a while.

Hang in there.