How long will it take before overfilled tear trough looks normal ..and not so overfilled anymore? (filled with restylane)

  • 11 months ago

I had restylane put in my tear troughs for the very first time 3 months ago... it all went really well and 1 month after this appointment I went back to add a little bit more as they were still slightly hollow. I absolutely love my right eye but he overfilled the left one and now its puffy, lumpy and well, to cut a long story short: horrible! Can any of you out there tell me how long will it take for the overfilled eye to start to look better...and not so overfilled? I am beside myself! I don't want to go out and feel so down! I done this to feel better about myself and feel 10 times worse now! I don't want to have it dissolved with Hyaluronidase as I have read so many horror stories about this! I would really appreciate someone who has gone through the same experience helping me out here! I am new to all of this and really don't know what to expect! I feel so stupid! I'm telling everyone I have had a bad reaction to an eye cream..anything but tell the truth!! Thank you so much in advance!