how long before you could fit into your jeans again

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  • 2 years ago

I am at 3 weeks post op today!! I know everyone is different but would like to hear about how long people wore their yoga pants ect  and when did you start putting on the jeans again! I am a Jeans and Tshirt girl...

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I just bought myself a pair of low rise jeans a size up from pre-surgery. I am 5 weeks PO and down 7lbs so it has to be swelling (TT/Lipo on the flanks). Even those are not super comfy but are fine for short outings if I wear something between the button and my skin. I do like that I can tuck in a tight t-shirt and have no overhang.
I actually didnt put on my pre-op jeans until my two month mark. I had to go back to work at two weeks and everything was tight. I ended up buying some cheap jeans that was a size larger to wear to work. You just need room for the swelling for a while.
ok well I will let everyone know what is going on for me with pre op cloathing. I fit back into mine at 3 weeks and 2 days. They were not Realy comphy just because of the incision and the seams wec. when I would sit down. But just to go out to the store for a little bit It felt good to be in thoes instead of yoga and sweat pants.. Around the house. yoga pants for sure!