How long before I can drive?...or will feel like it?

  • nvrdull
  • utah
  • 3 years ago

Hey ladies (and a few gentlemen :) just soaking up all the info on this awesome forum...scheduled for THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9th! WOWZERS it's coming fast. Gotta get all my ducks in a row. So my question is, when will I be ok to drive? I've got 5 kiddso..3 in carpools for school. I will stay over night at the surgical center on Friday. I'll have my hubby Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then he will be working back and forth from home/office. All my kids are in school so I'll be ok from 8:30-3:30. I've schedule carpool pick up for the first week but wondering if I will be able to manage driving on day 10? Also, we have a family vacation to Maui planned for October 18th. I've asked my PS numerous times if I will be ok to go and enjoy it. He has reassured me that it's plenty of time. I know I won't see bikini body results by then, but will you please reassure me that I will have great energy back by then. (and maybe be in a tankini...atleast) I know there will still be swelling, which I'm expecting...but I need my energy. Okay...2 questions in one, let the answering begin :) Thanks to everyone!